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U8 Tag Rugby vs Broughton Manor

DSC 0025"On a cold rainy Friday in December the Grove U8’s rugby team played a game against Broughton Manor.

The Grove were great at forming a defensive line when Broughton had the ball and especially good at running towards the ball when Broughton were passing. When we were attacking, we were very good at passing and running to get around the opposition players. It was a tough game, but The Grove won by a single point, thanks to a last second try from Arjun Sohal.

Thank you to our team manager Mr Gough for a brilliant first season and I’m looking forward to going on tour to Grimsby in the Summer!”
Freddie Lancaster
Since we had to cancel a fixture against Akeleywood due to the poor weather the week before, I felt that it was important to ensure that all the boys had managed to get a sufficient amount of game time before the end of the rugby term. So, when we were able to get a last minute match v Broughton Manor I was very happy to accept. We arranged to take 10 of the boys so that we could give them all at least 3 games and the majority of year 3 had 4 or 5 opportunities to represent the school over the term; with the promise of a tour weekend next year.
On arrival they were very excited and eager to play, but in the warm up we didn’t look particularly organised or skilful at passing and catching. Once we started playing, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the boys connected. Jacob showed good skills as captain and we were able to get the ball passing around quite well. Our first try, although a good one, was more from Broughton’s weak play; however, it is worth noting that nearly every time we had the ball in hand we clearly were looking to go forward and attack their try-line. Mushaf was making loads of tags in defence, but equally impressing everyone with his runs that gained a large amount of ground for us, as well as 2 tries. Alex and Arjun also gained momentum in attack in the second half, both scoring a brace for their efforts. Jacob snatched up a ball that was rolling around on the floor being watched by everyone else and he caught everyone off guard as he raced the full length of the pitch then gave a great off-load to get us a try. Having 10 boys did make substituting for 1 game quite hard to keep ticking over, but the boys all got a good portion of a game and it was definitely worth doing because it helped to complete the term of rugby with a positive top up to their experience as well as win on the score card. When the boys asked who won my question to them was, "Did you have fun, did you play some good rugby, did everyone improve or benefit from the match, did they enjoy competing with another school?...” if the answer is “Yes!” then my report back is that it was successful, and everyone was a winner.
Well Done Boys.
Mr Gough
The Grove: 7
A. Pearce (2), M. Khan (2), A. Chawla (2), J. Okwuadigbo, A. Sonander
Broughton Manor: 8
Player of the Match: The Grove U8 Rugby Team
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