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ISA National Athletics, Alexandra Stadium

It was just before 9.00am when we set off for the ISA National Athletics Finals at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham. Having qualified in the regional event at Bedford in May, Keith Adeleye, Esther Williams and Chloe Cave had already proved their worth to make these finals. All three were excited and ready to compete against children from the best independent schools in the country. After a couple of hours drive we arrived at the stadium and made our way to the London North area in the main grandstand. We made ourselves known to the area co-ordinator, picked up our race vests and settled down to watch some of the other events as we had a fair bit of time before our races started. It was all very professional, and they had everything there - AAA officials, electronic timing, a phone app for the results and an Olympic finalist/Commonwealth Games medallist (Martyn Bernard) and World Indoor Bronze medallist (Jo Marsh) handing out the medals. The events started with a bang – literally! The gun went off to start the first track event and we all jumped out of our skin as it was so loud. After watching some amazing performances, it was time for Chloe to do her best, and that’s exactly what she did finishing seventh. Keith was next on the track with the explosive 60m sprint. Unfortunately, a bash/collision with the boy in the lane next to him meant he was put off his stride, but that didn’t stop him and with only half a second covering first to last place it was a very close race with Keith finishing in fourth place. Esther was up next in the slightly longer 80m sprint. Another extremely fast race saw Esther finish less than a second off of the pace in seventh place. To reach these finals is an achievement in itself and all three did London North and The Grove proud. Well done to you all!

Mr Bay

Year 4 Boys 60m Sprint
Keith Adeleye – 4th Place (9.58s)

Year 6 Girls 80m Sprint
Esther Williams – 7th Place (12.68s)

Year 6 Girls High Jump
Chloe Cave  – 7th Place (1.10m)

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What a great afternoon for an athletics fixture. With hats, cream and lots of water we journeyed over to Northampton High School where we were greeted by lots of excited year 5 and 6 girls. After an initial talk about the organisation of the afternoon the events began. We started with the track events where we had some admirable performances from Chloe Cave, Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana, and Amy Pattinson in the 600m. The 75m races saw some outstanding results from both Esther Williams and Oluchi Nwuga who both came first in their races respectively and then the 150m races where Iman Komane and Tiya Mistry both had great runs.  After these races the field events began and, again we had some outstanding results, notably in the rounders throw with Caitlin Hendry throwing 27.90m, Chloe Cave with a second place position in the high jump, and Gabriella English second in the standing triple jump which was a fantastic result for her first time competing in this event. The afternoon finished with the relays and with some very good changeovers both teams came a respectable 3rd place in both races. An excellent finish to a lovely afternoon of athletics. Well done to everyone who took part and a thank you to Mr. Small for accompanying us and helping with the running of the fixture.

Mrs. Hoppe

75m Sprint
Race 1 - Esther Williams 1st Place – 12.2s
Race 2 – Oluchi Nwuga   1st Place -  12.8s

High Jump
Chloe Cave 2nd Place – 1.02m
Oluchi Nwuga 3rd Place – 0.96m

150m Sprint
Race 1 – Tia Mistry  3rd Place – 29.3s
Race 2 -  Iman Komane 3rd Place – 27.0s

Long Jump
Tiya Mistry 6th Place – 2.35m
Iman Komane 2nd Place – 3.00m

Race 1 – Chloe Cave – 3rd Place – 2:29.09s
               Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana – 4th Place- 2:34.05s
Race 2 -  Amy Pattinson- 3rd Place – 2:36.57s

Standing Triple Jump
Gabriella English 2nd Place – 4.39m
Esther Williams 4th Place – 4.00m

Race 1 –  Caitlin Hendry, Gabriella English, Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana, Amy Pattinson –  3rd Place - 38.6s
Race 2 – Tiya Mistry, Iman Komane, Oluchi Nwuga, Esther Williams – 3rd Place - 36.3s

Rounders Throw
Caitlin Hendry 1st Place – 27.90m
Amy Pattinson 4th Place – 14.00m

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Seventeen of our finest athletes travelled to Bedford Athletics Stadium full of excitement for the ISA Regional Athletics Meet. This acts as a qualifier for the national event which was the end goal for everyone competing.

With the majority of our athletes competing in more than one event there were lots of results coming in throughout the day and everyone had to make sure they were ready for their respective events.

One of our first superb results to come in was Joseph Gwena finishing 2nd in the Year 8/9 boys long jump. As Joseph was jumping Arnold Sery was on the track finishing 1st in the Year 8/9 boys hurdles which was a great achievement and automatically put him into the national finals.

Over on the high jump mats we had Chloe Cave finish 3rd in the Year 5 girls category and then to better that Harry Dunning got our second 1st place of the day in the Year 6 boys high jump, again this meant Harry would be going to Birmingham to compete in the nationals.

Elsewhere in the field events we had two 2nd place finishes in the rounders ball throw; Amaya Saiz-Arthur in the Year 4 girls and Caitlin Hendry in the Year 6 girls. On the track our last individuals to place in the top three were Elijah Martey who finished 2nd in the 75m and Arnold Sery who finished 3rd in the 200m. Sadly our relay teams didn’t place in the top three but all ran well as a team.

Everyone who attended should be pleased with their efforts and for the younger year groups this is very good experience for coming years where they will hope to be selected again. Following the day we had confirmation of four boys qualifying for the national finals: Joseph Gwena for the 100m, Arnold Sery for the hurdles, Harry Dunning for high jump and Elijah Martey to run in the ‘London North’ relay team. We wish those four luck in Birmingham.

Mr Ellemore

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A wonderful day was had by all the athletes at our first attendance of the St Teresa’s Junior School Athletics Championships. Buoyed by some good results at the ISA Regions, we hoped for further good performances. The first part of the morning was qualification heats and by the end of this section, Eamon Bradley had qualified for the 600m final as had Alexa Berkin-Evans. Rahul Thakrar and Zaid Sultan qualified for the 150m finals and Vivek Rav, Chloe Cave and Elijah Martey had qualified for the 75m finals. Whilst this was happening Chloe Cave won our first medal of the day in the Year 4 Girls High Jump winning a jump off for second place. Elijah then went on to win the Year 4 Boys Triple Jump with a distance of 4.87m. Our most outstanding performances of the day came from Caitlin Hendry who won the Year 5 Girls Throw with a new championship record and Harry Dunning. He won the ISA Regional event with a jump of 1.25m and a new PB, so we knew he was on form. Harry went on the blitz the field, winning in a new record of 1.27m and a new PB.

On a long day the children all performed to their best abilities and enjoyed the experience. Well done for all your efforts and in the overall team competition we came 14th.

Girls Field Results

Year 6
High Jump - Rayna Chinnappa - 1.06m (8th)
Long Jump - Rachel Hubbard - 2.90m (12th)
Triple Jump - Georgia Millburn - 5.05m (8th)
Throw - Shreya Parthiban - 16.50m (13th)

Year 5
Long Jump - Amy Pattinson - 2.41m (13th)
Throw - Caitlin Hendry - 23.41m (1st & New Record)

Year 4
High Jump - Chloe Cave - 0.95m - (2nd)
Long Jump - Tiya Mistry - 2.05m (13th)
Triple Jump - Alexa Berkin-Evans - 4.37m (8th)
Throw - Amaya Saiz-Arthur - 15.25m (6th)

Girls Track Results

Year 4
75m - Chloe Cave - 13.21s (5th)
600m - Alexa Berkin-Evans - 2m:24s (9th)

Boys field Results

Year 6
High Jump - Hasan Manji - 0.99m (13th)
Long Jump - Zaid Sultan - 3.27m (5th)
Triple Jump - Vivek Rav - 4.13m (13th)
Throw - Khush Shah - 23.54m (9th)

Year 5
High Jump - Harry Dunning - 1.27m (1st & New Record)
Long Jump - Ayomide Adewumi - 2.99m (7th)
Triple Jump - Rahul Thakrar - 4.57m (11th)
Throw - Eamon Bradley - 22.44m (9th)

Year 4
High Jump - Findlay Hovell - 0.80m (15th)
Long Jump - Henry Otto Lorenz - 2.73m (6th)
Triple Jump - Elijah Martey - 4.87m (1st)
Throw - Samarth Natesh - 16.90m (7th)

Boys Track Results

Year 6
150m - Zaid Sultan - 22.76s (6th)
75m - Vivek Rav - 11.98s (6th)
75m - Aymoide Adewumi - 13.37s (7th)

Year 5
150m - Rahul Thakrar - 24.78s (7th)
600m - Eamon Bradley - 2m:10s (9th)

Year 4
75m - Elijah Martey - 12.41s (5th)

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Thursday, 21 May 2015 10:30

ISA London North Athletics Competition

30 Year 3 to 8, excited children headed to Bedford for the regional round of the ISA Athletics Competition. The end reward would be a trip to Birmingham for the finals. Last year we were fortunate enough to get 4 children to the finals and this year we were hopeful of bettering this.

We were hopeful a handful of individuals who had been training well would achieve the expected results. Michael Nwankwo, last year's shot putt winner, produced three fantastic throws to gain his 1st place and a ticket to the finals. He did this in front of a very impressed ex Olympic Bobsledder, Colin Bryce, more famous for his role as commentator in the World Strongest Man. He also jumped well in the High Jump, but we are waiting on the results. Injila Ocal, doing the same event for the girls also won and was seen jumping around in a jubilant fashion, very pleased with herself and rightly so. Other expectant winners were not so lucky. Elijah Muya was now competing against a year group above his own and produced a very good 2nd in the Long Jump and a 5th in the 100m. Arnold Sery also missed out on gold after being piped on the line, gaining another silver.

Joseph Gwena who was so impressive last year, both at Sports Day and Birmingham, swapped the 600m for the long jump and gained a 2nd place. In the 150m he stormed to gold winning by a good 50m. Which over a short race was akin to Usain Bolt. An excellent effort from Joey.

We also had a group of hopefuls. Harry Dunning and Oluchi Nwuga in the Year 4 High Jump, Caitlin Hendry and Eamon Bradley in the Year 4 Girls and Boys Throw. They all tried very hard and we think we may have a few medals from this group, with Harry and Caitlin almost certainly getting a gold.

Other good results were Charlotte Ingram in the Year 7 girls 100m where we think she came 3rd, Chloe Cave (Year 3), ran well in the Year 4 600m. Amy Pattinson ran with good fight, determination and effort, albeit against strong opposition and the Year 5 and 6 Girls all ran well but we don't believe they gained places in the finals or the top 3. Finally the Year 5 boys may have gained some success. Khush Shah in the throw and Zaid Sultan in the relay squad but as results are unofficial we will have to wait a little longer before confirming all of these results.

All in all the boys and girls ran, jumped and threw with all that they could. Well done on a successful day and we will have our fingers crossed for the official results.
With the weather looking increasingly bad we were very unsure as to whether the events would be completed, but thankfully after 4 rain delays and a damp track later the results were in. Mr Wilkinson

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