The boys were in good spirits travelling to Ashfold, keen for their first cricket fixture of the term. Wilfred Clark was captaining the team and was called straight over where we lost the toss and Ashfold chose to bat first.

Ashfold got of to a good start with some fantastic fours to begin with, however the boys managed to get a wicket in the second over, a promising start. The boys continued to field well but bowled a few too many bowls wide, allowing Ashfold to increase their score by ten every over. Once the end of the eleventh over was reached by Ashfold they'd scored eighty six runs and only lost one wicket. A combination of wide bowls and some superb hits led to this early score.

The boys went into their innings with a high score to level. In the first over the boys were struggling to match the pace and skill of Ashfold's bowling loosing three wickets in quick succession. This was the trend that was set for the rest of the overs. The boys struggled to do more than stop the balls from Ashfold and all agreed that their bowling was superb.

The boys look forward to improving on this in their next fixture and are throwing themselves into training for it.

The Grove: 6/9
Ashfold School: 49/1

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IMG 3067

The Grove U8's

It was a hot and sunny afternoon as we made our way to the field for our first cricket match of the Summer season.

Due to the very wet weather we have experienced recently, practice has been boggy to say the least. However, we were all in good spirits and ready for the match. Toby Coles was the team captain for the game and went forward for the toss of the coin, or in this case, guess which hand the grass was in. Ashfold won and decided to put us into bat. With some outstanding batting from all the team we totalled 52 runs. Our turn to field and Toby led the bowling for the first over, followed by the rest of the team, with everybody rotating round all the positions on the field. With only eight in the team, Toby bowled for the second time and made a great catch off his third ball.

Everyone played extremely well and after a close ten-over game, Ashfold pipped us by 10 runs.

The Grove: 52
Ashfold School: 62
Man of the Match: Oliver Whittam

The Grove U9's

IMG 3046

The boys cricket season started well, with the boys in great spirits for their first fixture. The boys faced Ashfold School, for a home

fixture. The boys very kindly let Ashfold bat first. The boys started bowling well with some fantastic bowls. Particular mention needs to go to our cricket captain Advik and Gauthum, who bowled some terrific overs. The boys fielded well keeping Ashfold's score at 80 runs in total. 

The boys then had the opportunity to bat which they had been looking forward to with avid anticipation. The boys started well scoring a few fours and doing well of some of the wide bowls as well. Throughout the first few overs the boys were level pegging or slightly behind on the score in comparison to Ashfold. With two overs to go, the boys were trailing by five runs. Everyone's heart was in their mouths as the boys came to three runs behind with one over to go. In the final over a wide ball and a desperate run by Keith enabled the boys to level the score before the game ended. 

The final score was a tie with eighty runs scored by each team. The boys thanked Ashfold for a great match. Most of them then went straight to cricket club which was fantastic to see the level of enthusiasm the boys have for the sport. They cannot wait for their next match next week vs Quinton House.

The Grove: 80/0
Ashfold School 80/0
Man of the Match: Gautham Parthiban

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The final match of the season started well for The Grove as Stellan Chinnappa won the toss and elected to bowl first. It was an overcast afternoon and he clearly wanted to take advantage of the excellent bowling conditions.

The bowlers did do well early on and restricted Quinton House to a modest total off the first 6 overs. However, with a change of pair Quinton House began to score freely, but with wickets to Wilfred Clark and Findlay Hovell the scoring rate was dragged back.

The Grove continued to press hard for wickets, however a high number of wides and no-balls were all adding up to a good total for Quinton House. Leon Gunesekara and Kwaku Malanda did bowl tightly, but the final total for Quinton House of 91/5 was a good one.

In reply The Grove did not start well. We lost wickets at regular intervals and simply could not find the boundary due to some tight bowling from Quinton House. Alexander Chan and Gbolahan Asade did a good job rebuilding the innings without the loss of any further wickets, however the final pair simply ran out of balls to score from and could not move closer to the required total.

Unfortunately, The Grove could not chase down a very competitive score and finished on 61/4. Although the score line does favour Quinton House, the boys did improve from the previous matches and hopefully will be better for the experiences next summer.

A special thanks to all the parents who came out to support the team in the final match of the cricket season.

Mr Small

The Grove: 61/4
Quinton House School: 91/5
Man of the Match: Stellan Chinnappa

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017 16:08

The Grove U9 Cricket vs Ashfold School

Just when we thought it could not get any hotter, we were wrong! The U9’s cricket match was played in very warm and draining conditions at Ashfold School on Tuesday 20th June.

Ashfold won the toss and elected to bat. Stellan Chinnappa and Wilfred Clark both bowled extremely well, without success and were ably supported by Kwaku Malanda and Findlay Hovell. The Ashfold team were extremely strong and posted a very competitive score of 101/1, which included an excellent run-out from Alexander Chan.

In reply the Grove started well with the first pair finishing 29/0 in their four overs. Some very tight bowling from Ashfold then saw the runs dry up, however Gbolahan Asade and Leon Gunasekera did manage to keep the runs ticking over. Thomas Huggins, batting in the last pair did manage to move the scoring along, however a steady fall of wickets did mean Grove finished 64/4 in reply. Although the target eluded them the boys played some good cricket in very difficult conditions.

Thanks to the boys and staff who all went across to Ashfold and we are looking forward to our last game against Quinton House on Friday 30th June. 

Mr Small

The Grove: 64/4
Ashfold School: 101/1
Man of the Match: Stellan Chinnappa

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The warmest day of the year greeted The Grove U9’s upon arriving at Bedford Modern School on Friday 16th May. BMS won the toss and chose to field first. The Groves’ bowlers keep tight lines to the batsmen and some of the ground fielding was excellent. Alexander Chan pulled off a sensation catch towards the end of the innings and both Stellan Chinnappa and Kwaku Malanda bowled well. The Grove restricted a very good BMS side to 71/2 in their 16 overs.

In reply the Grove started slowly with Wilfred Clark and Leon Gunasekara going through their four overs without losing a wicket. The game then changed as Thomas Huggins came to the crease. He struck the ball beautifully, and along with Advik Mishra they move the total extremely close to the winning target of 72. However, the last few overs saw the Grove lose three wickets and end the run chase on 63/3. The result could have gone the Groves’ way with fewer wickets lost, but the boys applied themselves extremely well on the day.

A massive thanks to Advik Mishra and Gautham Parthiban (U8 cricketers), for assisting the team on the day and also to the parents who came out to support the team.

Mr Small

The Grove: 63/3
Bedford Modern School: 71/2
Man of the Match: Thomas Huggins

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Due the cold and wintery nature of the pitches at Winchester house, our first Under 9 cricket fixture was played on the astro pitch. The Grove won the toss and captain Stellan Chinnappa chose to bat first. With pairs cricket two batters have three overs between them to score as many runs as possible. Findlay Hovell and Kwaku Malanda opened the batting and got the team off to a great start. Our next pair of Wilfred Clark and Alexander Chan consolidated but unfortunately lost wickets in the third over of their innings.

Captain Chinnappa and Leon Gunasekara were in next and tried valiantly to move the scoring rate along. This did prove difficult as Winchester bowled well at both players. Our final pair of Thomas Huggins and Gbolahan Asade did manage to get the Grove to a very respectable 96/4, a competitive total in our first outing.

In reply The Grove started strongly with two tight overs, however as the innings wore on Winchester House began to approach the total with ease. Despite some great fielding from Thomas Huggins and fierce bowling from Alexander Chan Winchester House recorded a very strong 112/2 in their 12 overs. The lads were naturally disappointed to lose in such a tight manner but the level of commitment from the team was excellent. Well done.

A special thanks to all the parents who came out to support the team in the first match of the new cricket season.

Mr Small.

The Grove: 96/4
Winchester House: 112/2
Man of the Match: Leon Gunasekara

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Tuesday 16th May saw The Grove Under 8 Boys play their first Cricket fixture of the year at home to Swanbourne House. Leading up to the day, the boys had only had a handful of sessions in order to prepare themselves. However, each and every one of them gave 110% and deservedly came out with a win.

The match started off with the boys fielding. Due to the age of the boys, one of the most difficult aspects of the game is bowling. It can be very hard to get to grips with the correct technique of how to bowl accurately and considering the relatively short amount of practice they had leading up to the fixture they all performed extremely well.

Ethan Ireland and Kanye Nwuga were up first to bowl 1 over each against Swanbourne House’s first batting pair. From the 12 balls bowled, Swanbourne managed to score themselves 18 runs.

Second up was Advik Mishra and Isaac Okwuadigbo. After some excellent bowling Swanbourne house were only able to score a total of 12 runs. However, due to some excellent fielding from the boys as a whole they were able to take one wicket resulting in 5 runs being subtracted from Swanbourne’s current total.

The boys finished off the first innings strongly. Joseph Imonioro and Oliver Surely finished strong by managing to take 3 wickets from Swanbourne and only allowing them to score 4 runs from 12 balls. This resulted in Swanbourne House finishing with a total of 246 runs.

After the changeover the Grove stepped up to bat. They started off slowly but once they got into their stride and got to grips with the game they did not disappoint. Swanbourne had some strong bowlers however this did not phase the boys as they remained in control of the match.

Considering the short amount of time, the boys had had to prepare for the fixture they performed extremely well. Towards the end of the game Gautham Parthiban showed off his ability by hitting several boundaries to see of the game and bring The Grove to an impressive total of 280 runs. This included scoring a 6 with an unstoppable hit right through the heart of Swanbourne’s fielders.

Due to such a positive performance we all look forward to our next fixture and hope that the boy’s success can continue.

Mr Thompson

The Grove: 280
Swanbourne House: 246
Man of the Match: Gautham Parthiban

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Batting first, I was gobsmacked to see a slog sweep for 6 off only the 3rd ball of the day. Khush Shah, with a new bat, showing us he meant business. He and Prannav Mahesh set the tone for the afternoon with their aggressive nature. Prannav followed suit in the second over and mouths were well and truly open. Unfortunately Khush soon fell to the LBW decision bringing Harry Dunning to the crease. He then started a bombardment of batting skills, backed up by some delicate shots by Prannav. Harry was on course for a half century, but put the team first in his efforts towards the end of the innings and was caught on the boundary going for another big 6. 45 runs to his name, Harry can be delighted with his days work.

The next challenge was a big one, trying to keep the runs down. Quinton started well, keeping up with th run rate, until Rahul Thakrar came onto bowl. He bowled some bad balls to start, but incorporated 2 absolute gems, getting their number 1 and 2 batsmen out. I guess he was luring them into a false sense of security, but all the same he had shown us what he could do by breaking the deadlock.

Next fell a succession of wickets leaving their number 3 a lot to do. He could not manage this all on his own and our bowlers perform admirably to win by 20 runs. Well done to all involved who can be delighted with their efforts and thank you kindly to the boys who stepped in at the last minute, Jacob Foster and Avaneesh Awekar.

The Grove: 106/3
Quinton House: 86
Man of the Match: Harry Dunning

Mr Wilkinson

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'A' Team

Sunshine and 28 degree temperatures welcomed Bedford Modern to The Grove. We played two fixtures, both in a pairs format. The A team started with the ball and B team with the bat.

In the A team fixture the ball was very lively making run scoring a challenge, this also meant bowlers simple had to bowl accurately. Our first pair of Zaid Sultan and Prannav Mahesh started the innings, scoring a total in their four overs of 15 runs, whilst losing three valuable wickets, which could be costly later on.

Daniel Judd and Avinash Khiani batted next, scoring the largest total of the inning with 2 sixes and 3 fours in their 23 runs. Again we lost 2 wickets, which could damage us later on. Ayomide Adewumi and Rahul Thakrar batted next and although they lost no wickets, runs were hard to come by. Our penultimate pairing of Avaneesh and Eamon, tried very hard, but really were trying too hard and weren’t quite getting enough. With Harry Dunning and Khush Shah due in last we were optimistic of a strong finish, but like a lot of our batsmen, they tried to hit the ball too hard, losing control and subsequently runs. With an overall total of 90 runs, we could be pleased with our start, but the 8 lost wickets, it would be difficult to match BMS. Our opposition started very strongly, losing only four wickets in their first four pairings and with 96 runs scored, they were ahead of the game and needed only not to lose wickets in order to win. Avaneesh Awekar and Harry Dunning bowled superbly, conceding only 11 runs. In the last over Harry got a wicket with his first ball giving BMS a lead of 5. One more wicket would tie the game and although he tried his hardest, none came. A close game, but a loss all the same. Well done to all the boys

Mr Wilkinson

The Grove: 90/8
Bedford Modern School: 101/9
Man of the Match: Zaid Sultan


'B' Team

Our B team fielded first against Bedford Modern’s B team and knew that bowling as few wides and no balls as possible would be key. Some good fielding and strong bowling meant we were restricted to 111 off of their 20 overs. A wicket for Alister Bennington was a highlight as was a maiden over bowled by Zaid Sultan in the twentieth over, a rarity in junior cricket!

Chasing 112 for victory we knew not losing wickets would be key but sadly we lost twelve wickets compared to BMS’ five. Some good hitting and running between the wickets meant we ended up on 58, way short of our target but a good effort nonetheless.

Mr Ellemore

The Grove: 58
Bedford Modern School: 111/5

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With the Cricket season well and truly underway we faced Swanbourne at home on a nice albeit a tad cloudy day. Captain Samarth Natesh won the toss and elected to bat first.

With Swanbourne’s bowlers keeping things tight and wides to a minimum we never scored quick runs but we protected our wickets well, with only a couple of run outs against us. Our technique whilst batting is improving as a team and hopefully in time the confidence and power to hit the ball through the fielders will come. A final score of 232 was going to be tough to defend, but respectable.

Our one focus whilst bowling and fielding was to deliver fewer wides and no-balls than previous matches, and I am delighted to say we managed to do just that. Swanbourne’s batsmen often showed the power we are seeking whilst batting and were able to score more freely than ourselves. Excellent catches from Findlay Hovell and Ryan Kimani were the highlights in the second innings, and overall our fielding was to a high standard. Swanbourne ended with 330 thanks to some big hitting from their batsman but overall we can be pleased with how we have played.

Mr Ellemore

The Grove: 232
Swanbourne House: 330
Man of the match: Elijah Martey

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