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Thursday, 05 March 2020 14:35

U8/9 Football vs Ashfold School

A short walk up to the MK Sport Central facility gave us a suitable pitch for this fixture after all the rain we have been experiencing. Although Ashfold fielded just the 2 teams for 7 aside U9, we made use of the home setting to give all the boys from U8 & U9 an opportunity to have a game – we tried to keep all the U9 boys together as one team and also allow the U8’s a chance to play together as an A team. The Grove where met with some overcast conditions at the start of this fixture and before the match a lot was spoken around utilising space and not crowding around the ball!
IMG 6898The Grove U8
This was always going to be a difficult fixture, playing against the year above, but that never phased any of the boys and they set to the task busily. Ashfold had a clear understanding of space and they strung many passes together which helped them to weave their way around our players and into good attacking positions. Their first goal was an absolute corker that swung across the goal from the left and bounced in perfectly from the upright; the young lad who struck it went on to score most of Ashfold’s goals and for the most part was a constant threat in attack.
Although we managed to improve our general play and passing as the game progressed, we still tended to flock around the ball and hang back too much in defence; which did mean Oliver and William found themselves in the line of fire as goalkeepers. By halftime we were 5 nil down and had only been into their goal area twice with breakaway runs– for one of those chances Jacob got off a great shot with his left foot and was unfortunate to not get us on the scoreboard. Matthew miss queued the second one in front of the goal which was also a great opportunity. The second half went a lot better and we visited their half many times. Sadly, our passes didn’t have enough power behind them and Ashfold easily read and intercepted them. Moving Koseunti into defence significantly improved the game because he was strong on his feet and able to clear the ball away adequately, meaning we only gave away a single goal.
As I said, we did improve and start to see where we should be getting the ball to, but in all honesty it didn’t seem like we were able to compete as a “football team” – more like a group of enthusiastic and talented individuals eager to kick a ball around.

The Grove 'A': 0
Ashfold School 'A': 6
Man of the Match: Jacob Okwuadigbo
IMG 7024The Grove U8/9
For the majority of the first half the boys where doing their fair share of defending, some fantastic saves Aaron Sonander keeping the scoreline at 0-0. The Grove did manage to counter-attack a number of times off the back of Arjan and Freddie Lancaster finding some space with some key passes to allow Dimitri to make a break. The game swung back and forth with both sides unable to break the deadlock. A brief discussion at half time to remember their positions and to look for the pass set the tone for a good second half. It looked as if the second half was going to be a mirror image of the first, however, as time went on it was fitness levels that started to be the difference. The introduction of … linking up well with Dimitri, Freddie and Arjun was starting to wear Ashfold down. A high press in the opposition half allowed The Grove to break away twice with Arjun finishing well both times.
Overall the fixture went very well with the boys winning in the correct manner and being humble hosts. There was clear progression through the match with all who took part trying to implement what was spoken around.
Man of the Match - Arjun
The Grove 'B': 2
A. Chawla (2)
Ashfold School 'B': 0

Man of the Match: Arjun Chawla
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Thursday, 05 March 2020 14:34

U12/13 Football vs Swanbourne House

After a very heavy rain storm the sun come out just in time for the start of the match. We agreed two 20 min halves with eight a side and no off sides, so was going to be an open flowing game. Swanbourne House got off to a cracking start with three goals in the first 5 mins. We managed to stem the flow for a bit with Kanye making some good saves in goal. Although we were three down our heads didn’t drop, we held our positions and kept trying to pass the ball, however by the end of the first half the score was unfortunately 6-0. With a good encouraging team talk at half time we held our own in the second half with Elijah scoring a cracking goal from outside the box. The final score was 7-1 so a great second half performance with great team spirit and effort from every player. Very well done despite the result as its not always about winning.

The Grove: 1
E. Martey
Swanbourne House: 7
Man of the Match: Elijah Martey

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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:32

The Grove U9 Football vs Akeley Wood

DSC 0072The boys were against Akeley Wood school. The boys started the first match well, attacking the other teams' goal and having some great attempts to score. In the first half the boys went down by two goals despite their determination to win. In the second half the ball was moved repeatedly up field to the opposition but due to an unfortunate own goal the boys lost the match three nil.
The Grove 'A': 0
Akeley Wood 'A': 3
Man of the Match: Jacob Millburn
In the second match of the day the boys were, if possible, even more determined to win and took a very early goal as soon as the wistle had blown. This trend continued with some superb work by Tomas and Oliver who worked together up front to score a further three goals. The whistle blew and the boys celebrated winning the match!
The Grove 'B': 4
T. Garcia (3), O. Payton
Akeley Wood 'B': 0
Man of the Match: Jacob Millburn
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Monday, 17 February 2020 15:28

The Grove U8 Football vs Swanbourne House

DSC 0044This was clearly Swanbourne’s A team as they had a good game plan and strung together a lot of passes as well as using the space out wide. Having said that I was very impressed with how well we adapted and learnt how to cope with their attack. It did help that we have a lot of very active and speedy players in that group who easily dropped back to defend the goal anytime Swanbourne broke through. Whilst the goals scored against us were undeniably well constructed, we planted an amazing one off a corner from Jacob that Zayne struck on the volley with his powerful left boot … even an adult would have been proud to have scored it. Arjun treated everyone to a demo of his great control of the ball under pressure and Jacob was a constant threat as well as tirelessly working hard in defence and attack. Dimitri linked up well with William in the midfield to string some passes together and form an attack, he also made a couple of great saves when he went in goal to keep the score down. Shreyan developed his effectiveness in defense by shutting down attackers early before they could make a shot; Freddy and Henry also helped out making it hard for them to have time to take accurate shots.
The Grove 'Yew': 2
Z. Quinton, J. Okwuadigbo
Swanbourne House 'A': 3
Man of the Match: Jacob Okwuadigbo
DSC 0021Much of this game was spent in attack and although Oliver started off in goals and then as a defender; Mr Harrison saw the value of pushing him up front which paid off with 2 goals; one of which came from a clever little pass by Bhavish; who has now started to enjoy his involvement in football. Matthew and Kosuenti proved to be good at dribbling the ball and getting it forward, while Advaith and Aron held a strong defensive line at the back. Alex was the captain on the day and even though he had a quiet game he took his responsibility seriously and made good effort to follow the game plan Mr Harrison had set out ……. “get the ball into the D then shoot”.
The Grove 'Aspen': 4
O. Payton (2), M. Coomber, K. Asande
Swanbourne House 'B': 0
Man of the Match: Oliver Payton
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Wednesday, 15 January 2020 09:48

U9 Football vs Swanbourne House

DSC 0021The boys started well, passing the ball and having some great attempts at goals. Despite this they went down by three goals in the first half of the match. The boys then showed fantastic spirit and keenness to win, upping their level ready for the opposition. Pushing the ball to the Swanbourne end of the pitch repeatedly enabling Tomas to score two fantastic goals. Man of the match was Jacob Milburn with some superb saves including the use of his face. which didn't sway him from continuing to motivate and push many attempted goals away. The boys lost 4:2 but remain positive and keen for their next match.
Mr Thorne
The Grove: 2
T. Garcia (2)
Swanbourne House: 4
Man of the Match: Jacob Millburn
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Tuesday, 20 March 2018 08:29

The Grove U8 Football vs Beachborough School

The boys were in great spirits starting the match after their win last week against Bedford and Akeley. They battled well pushing the ball up to Beachbrough's end of the pitch repeatedly but being denied the goal due to some brilliant defending and keeping by the opposition. The boys continued trading shots till half time with no goals being scored by either team. 

The second half started well but an early mistake led to a goal being scored by Beachbrough. The boys determinedly fought back with so many near misses, before finally Toby Coles managed to level the score to one all. The boys continued to push the ball up to Beachbrough's goal but were denied again and again. A mistake in the last five minutes allowed Beachbrough to score the match winner. The boys played really well with Seth Okesola showing so much progression in his skills and gaining man of the match. 

Mr Thorne


The Grove: 1
T Coles
Beachborough School: 2
Man of the Match: Seth Okesola

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018 08:09

Akeley Wood U8 Football Triangular

The Grove U8's first match was against Akeley where the boys started well moving the ball up the pitch fluidly and with pace. The match continued at this pace with Toby Coles, Keith Adeleye and Oliver Whittam working well up front to dominate the game. Everytime the ball entered their half the excellent defense of Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio, Kyle Dissanayake and Barnaby Davison cleared the ball back up to the midfield players. The boys scored an excellent five goals win 5-0 in their first match of the fixture. 

The second match against Bedford Modern started in the same manner with the boys pressing their advantage early on and again dominating the match. They scored a further four goals with Oliver scoring his second hatrick of the day. The boys worked well in a team and this shows in their amazing results.

Mr Thorne

The Grove: 5
O Whittam (3), K Adeleye (2)
Akeley Wood School: 0

The Grove: 4
O Whittam (3), K Adeleye
Bedford Modern School: 0

Man of hte Match: Toby Coles

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 15:28

The Grove Colts Football vs Birkenhead School

Continuing our yearly tradition, we hosted Birkenhead School from the Wirral as part of their annual football tour.

Looking to bounce back from midweek defeat we started well, putting pressure on our opponents. We were however coming up against a very confident team who weren’t fazed by this pressure and were moving the ball around with great skill.

When we did eventually win the ball back we were unable to keep it for long passages, although the introduction of Keith Adeleye and Kanye Nwuga gave the team more attacking pace and we threatened on the counter attack at times.

We weren’t able to keep out our opposition and they found joy in front of goal, partly through skill and partly through our lack of marking, with us gifting them far too much space in our penalty area.

The boys can be more pleased with their efforts in this game compared to Wednesday, as they did threaten going forward, and did continue to work to try and stop Birkenhead.

Mr Ellemore

The Grove: 0
Birkenhead 8
Man of the Match: Kanye Nwuga

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Our colts made the short trip across Milton Keynes to Broughton Manor for their penultimate match of the season.

Unfortunately, the boys just couldn’t retain any possession of the ball and were merely clearing it to our opposition who came straight back on the attack and eventually broke down our defensive door.

Daniel Jemeljanenko pulled off some superb saves to keep the score line as low as he could and both Gbolahan Asade and Giannis Rigas put their bodies on the line to block attempts at goal.

This wasn’t enough to stop Broughton though, as they enjoyed themselves relentlessly attacking our goal. We host touring team Birkenhead on Friday and will have to be better.

Mr Ellemore

The Grove: 0
Broughton Manor: 8
Man of the Match: Daniel Jemejanenko

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Monday, 12 February 2018 14:34

The Grove U8 Football vs Quinton House School

The boys started the game well, they had great enthusiasm, which held the score tied for the first fifteen minutes. Unfortunately the boys let their defense down and Quinton managed their first goal. The boys battled for the rest of the first half with a few good attempts on goal. 

At half time the boys came in for a team talk and listened by spreading out and passing effectively in the beginning of the second half. Toby Coles, Mukutwa Malander and Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio had some great chances to get the score to one all but were stopped by Quinton's excellent keeper. The boys conceeded a second goal when Quinton managed a superb pass through our defense. 

The boys finished in good spirits but lost the game 2-0. They hope to spend some time training and have a winning result in the next fixture.

Mr Thorne

The Grove: 0
Quinton House School: 2

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