Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:50

The Grove U8 Hockey vs Quinton House School

Quinton House arrived with 2 teams to play which was unexpected but gave The Grove lots of game play which was welcomed at this time of the year. Our first match was against their 'A' team and although it was the first ever fixture for our U8 girls playing, the game was very competitive throughout with some excellent attacking play from Oluwadabira Filani as centre midfield and Alexa O’Kane as centre forward. Unfortunately the team found it hard to switch from attack to defence and haven’t yet established the skill of tackling, so Quinton managed to score 2 goals pushing easily past our midfield and defence. After a team talk at the end of the match the girls were then ready for their second match against Quinton 'B' team. The Grove took control of the game fantastically well and in no time at all Alexa O’Kane scored with a super run through to goal. Soon after Oluwadabira Filani demonstrated some good individual skill on the ball and with sheer determination scored the second goal for The Grove. The second half was much the same with The Grove dominating the game and we soon secured 2 more goals from Ifeoluwa Adekanmbi and another from Alexa O’Kane.

Well done girls. A super start to the season from the U8 girls.

Mrs. Hoppe

The Grove: 0
Quinton House 'A': 2

The Grove: 4
A. O'Kane (2), O. Filani, I. Adekanmbi
Quinton House 'B': 0

Player of the Fixture: Alexa O’Kane

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:49

Akeley Wood School U10/11 Hockey Tournament

Arriving at the senior school and seeing some of the older girls practising their hockey skills was quite a treat for the girls to start their afternoon of hockey. Unfortunately, the tournament wasn’t quite as expected and we ended-up playing Akeley Wood A and B team with no other schools attending which was a shame. Nonetheless, the girls had a full afternoon of play and we started off the tournament against Akeley Wood B team. The team began really positively with some excellent passing between the mid-field and some good movement forward from Amaya Saiz-Arthur as Centre Forward. In the first half Maya Shah had scored our first goal demonstrating very good control of the ball and a good strike. The second half was a little more challenging with some counter-attack play from Akeley Wood which put our defence under pressure. Chloe Cave made some excellent tackles and distributed the ball wonderfully throughout which prevented any score against us. Amaya Saiz-Arthur made an excellent run forward in the second half and after a couple of shots at goal, sheer determination saw the ball go past the goalkeeper to bring the game to an end at 2-0 to The Grove.

After a brief rest the girls then faced Akeley Wood A team and this was a more challenging game with Chloe Cave having to work exceptionally hard in defence and Jana Alsallal making some excellent saves as goalkeeper throughout the game. The score remained 0-0 until the final short corner of the game when Akeley managed to sneak the ball past our defence to end the game 1-0 to Akeley Wood.

The girls played exceptionally well throughout the afternoon and were a credit to The Grove. Well done girls.

Mrs. Hoppe

The Grove: 2
M. Shah, A. Saiz-Arthur
Akeley Wood 'B': 0

The Grove: 0
Akeley Wood School: 1

Player of the tournament – Chloe Cave

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Friday, 29 September 2017 08:48

The Grove U10/11 Hockey vs Beachborough School

On the 28th September, The Grove girls faced their second game of the season against Beachborough School.

After a 40 minute drive, we arrived in time for a warm-up and a thorough team talk before commencing play. The whole team approached the game very positive due to their fantastic win the week before and they were all very excited to begin.

The game begun with the Grove taking the first push back. The girls started well and managed to get stuck in. However, the Beachborough team had exceptionally strong players and they managed to make some fantastic breaks in order to find the goal.

The second half was slightly shorter than the first due to Beachborough having another game straight after against Quinton House. However, the Grove girls still battled away with Chloe Cave in defence having an outstanding game. She consistently made strong tackles to break down the opposite teams attacking play and cleared the ball away from danger.

The final score ended up Beachborough 5 – Grove – 0. However, considering that Sophy Pearce helped out in goal last minute to replace Jana Alsallal who was away and the fact that it was only the Grove girls second fixture, there were lots of positives to take away from the afternoon.

Well done.

The Grove: 0
Beachborough School: 5

Miss. Rawle

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Thursday, 21 September 2017 14:15

The Grove U10/11 Hockey vs Quinton House School

This was the U10/11’s first fixture of the season against Quinton House and what a great fixture it was!

The game started promptly with The Grove winning the first push back. Throughout the first half, we were very much dominating play, demonstrating some fantastic attacking play which continued throughout the whole game.

Jana Alsallal managed to keep a clean sheet, making some very important clearances. This was helped by a fantastic defence, with Chloe Cave, Sophy Pearce and Eve Bailey strong in all of their tackles.

In midfield and on the wing, Maya Shah, Gabriella English, Iman Komane and Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana demonstrated superb vision distributing the ball beautifully down both of the channels. And in attack, Amaya Saiz-Arthur showed great commitment and hunger for the ball, scoring a total of three goals!

Overall, it was a fantastic game with both excellent individual and team performances all around. Well done!

Miss. Rawle

The Grove: 6
A. Saiz-Arthur (3), G. English, C. Diniz Fernandez-Lomana
Quinton House School: 0

Player of the Match: Maya Shah

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 12:12

Ashfold School U9 Hockey Tournament

On Tuesday 18th September the Under 9 Girls travelled to Ashfold School for their first fixture of the season. It was a tournament against 5 other schools. The girls were very excited about this.

Our first match was against Beachborough School, and with the games being only seven minutes long, they were fast and furious. We defended brilliantly, and Mikayla Martey showed excellent defending skills, stopping the ball dead and clearing out to the side. The match finished 0-0, we were very close however, to scoring in the last 30 seconds of the match.

This got us ready for the match against Manor Prep School. Again it was fast and furious, but after 5 minutes, we gained good possession and managed to score an amazing opening goal, Well Done Schechinah Fundira, the first goal of the season. We kept possession well, and in the final minutes of the game we scored again! Alexa O’Kane! 2-0 the final Score.

The third match of the game was against Chandlings. The girls passed well out on to the wings, making loads of space. We managed to score our first goal within 30 seconds. This was looking positive for us, and we were bringing in some great tackles. However, in the last 30 seconds of the match, we conceded a goal. The final score 1-1.

For our fourth match of the tournament, we managed to defend well against Swanbourne House, however, we conceded a goal within the first two minutes of the game. The final Score 1-0 to Swanbourne.

Our final game against Ashfold School was the most fast and furious match of the tournament, we were against a very skilled and well practiced team, plus we were tired after some amazing game play. We fought, but ended up losing 2-0.

Altogether, our defence was strong, and the tournament set us up well for future matches in the season.

Well Done Girls!

Mrs Paris

Game 1

The Grove: 0
Beachborough School: 0

Game 2

The Grove: 2
S Fundira, A. O'Kane
Manor Prep School: 0

Game 3

The Grove: 1
H. Siddall
Chandlings: 1

Game 4

The Grove: 0
Swanbourne House: 1

Game 5

The Grove: 0
Ashfold School: 2

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 08:43

The Grove U8 & U9 Hockey vs Ashfold School

The Under 8 and Under 9 girls went away to Ashfold for their last fixture of the season.

The Under 8 girls started very nervously, and a lot of the play was in their half, Ashfold were putting a lot of pressure onto The Grove. Even though our defensive skills were amazing we conceded some goals in the first half. This did not make the girls feel downhearted though and we went into the second half with lots of determination. After talking to them at half time, we mentioned attacking the ball a lot more when we had possession. The girls listened to this advice and really attacked well. A lot more of the second half play was in the oppositions half, and we were so close to scoring many times. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their match though against an incredibly friendly opposition.

The Under 9 girls played with as much determination as the Under 8s and enjoyed their match just as much. Although the girls narrowly lost the match, it was fiercely contested by the girls.

Well Done Girls on an excellent end to the season.

Mrs Paris

The Grove: 0
Ashfold School: 3

The Grove: 0
Ashfold School: 1

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We arrived on a very cold afternoon very excited and ready for the last match of the season. The girls were in high spirits.

The ‘A’ team played first. Our great defensive skills, really kept this strong team from scoring. We also managed to get the ball into their half, and mid way through the first half we scored. Our lead was short lived, we soon conceded a goal, but we kept strong.

We were also strong during the second half, and really defended well. The final score was 1-1. For a very strong Ashfold team, we played very well.

The ‘B’ team girls enjoyed a competitive match, with lots of shots at goal from both teams. Whilst the girls were defeated, they showed lots of determination and enthusiasm in the game.

Well Done Girls

Mrs Paris

The Grove 'A': 1
Ashfold School 'A' :1

The Grove 'B': 0
Ashfold School 'B': 4

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On the 16th November 2016, The Grove A and B U10/11 had a fixture for the first time playing against Northampton High School.

The A team started positively moving the ball up the field and driving forward. However, it became apparent quite early on that Northampton High School were a very strong team with some excellent individual players. Consequently, despite Amy Pattison making some excellent saves throughout the game, Northampton High School were able to find the back of the goal resulting in a final score of 4 – 0.

From today’s fixture, the girls should remain positive. There were noticeable improvements in terms of their tackling and their ‘hunger’ for the ball. However, one thing we need to focus on in the next few lessons is team play – utilising the space effectively, moving into position and passing the ball as a team.

Miss. Rawle

The Grove: 0
Northampton High School: 4


IMG 1406Wet and windy conditions greeted the girls for the B team match against Northampton High School. Both sides played some good attacking hockey and each had several chances to score, none of which were taken in the first half.

Just after to half-time, Northampton won a short corner and deflected the ball past Mariam Elakama, who had stopped several shots already.

Into the second half The Grove pressed high and forced good turnovers. Emily Garwood and Tiya Mistry both had strong games and The Grove player of the match Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana also battled away for every ball anywhere near her.

The Grove had a chance to draw level with a short corner at the end of the match, sadly it hit the post and the final whistle blew.

The girls can be really pleased with how they played and were unlucky not to come away with the draw. Well done girls.

Mr Small

The Grove: 0
Northampton High School: 1
Player of the Match: Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana     

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We arrived at Woughton in high spirits ready for our 'A'and 'B' team matches against Beachborough. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, as it started to rain just as we got there.

The 'A' Team did not let the rain upset their game, we started off very positively, but also very defensively. Whenever we got the ball, we didn't have the confidence to attack. This meant very early on we conceded a goal. After a little chat about this at half time, the team attacked better, and we finally scored. We played very well, and there was a huge improvement in game play compared to the match a few weeks ago. Well done to Hannah Siddall for scoring the goal and Well Done Girls on an excellent game.

IMG 1282The 'B' Team were very nervous to start off with. For many of the girls it was their first match against another school. They soon settled down though. The girls enjoyed a very competitive match, and whilst The Grove girls were defeated they displayed lots of determination, with some shots at goal. There was some spectacular mid-field play as well as keeping their spirits high. Well Done girls!!

Mrs Paris

The Grove: 1
H Siddall

Beachborough School 'A':1
Player of the Match: Arianna Vicelli-Fitch

The Grove 'B': 0

Beachborough School 'B': 5
Player of the Match: Sophie Hartley-Wiley

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On the 15th November 2016 the Grove U9 played their penultimate fixture away at Beachborough. Alexa Berkin-Evans (captain) lost the toss so Beachborough had the first push back. Due to Beachborough having 2 teams The Grove girls’ had two games of 12 minutes to play one after the other.

The first game against Beachborough A team was tough as they had some very strong attacking players. Olivia Sobera and Sophy Pearce in defence however played their best games yet – showing competitiveness and hunger for the ball when defending their half. Similarly, Alexa Berkin-Evans displayed absolutely fantastic work rate throughout the game, running endlessly up and down the field to help out her teammates.

The first game ended 1-0 to Beachborough which was very unfortunate as it was a last minute goal.

In the second game, despite The Grove girls having played 24 minutes of hockey they were able to beat Beachborough 3 – 2. The well-deserved goals came from Alexa Berkin-Evans (2) and Amaya Saiz Arthur (1). In this game, The Grove had plentiful possession and were much more of a threat in their oppositions half.

Well done girls.

Miss Rawle


The Grove: 0
Beachborough School 'A': 1

The Grove: 3
A. Berkin-Evans (2), A. Saiz Arthur

Beachborough School 'B': 2
Player of the Match: Alexa Berkin-Evans

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