Today, The Grove School welcomed an Islamic Visitor who gave a talk about Islam to Yew and Aspen and Acacia and Pine.

Yew and Aspen were introduced to the concept of Islam with Pilgrimages as a focus. She spoke about the five pillars of Islam, teaching the children the Arabic words for each pillar. The children sat beautifully and were well engaged throughout. There was a Qu’ran ( not sure how to spell this?!), along with prayer beads and prayer mats for the children to look at. The children asked some interesting and probing questions, sparking some super discussion. They were also treated to tasty dates and a very special, personal gift: A copy of their own name, written in Arabic, on gold paper.

Acacia and Pine explored the Holy Book called the Ku'ron and viewed the meaning of some passages linked to forgiveness, bullying and anger. Our children discussed these important topics and explored how the Ku'ron advises Muslim to behave. Through practical tasks involving group work, water and paper everyone gained a deeper understanding of this Holy Book.

Mrs Kenton & Ms Casiraghi

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Thursday, 15 March 2018 09:15

Hawthorn & Poplar Trip to St Albans

After a fairly quick minibus ride the children "decamped!" in the Roman part of St Albans! They started with a detailed look at a brilliantly designed and marvelously preserved Roman mosaic with floral pattern designs typical of the Roman "Verulamium" district style (near modern St Albans), and saw the remains of the underfloor heating or hypercaust system as well as visual displays of what it would have looked like in it's heyday, and they made careful notes and drawing for later use in school. This was followed by a guided tour of the nearby Roman theatre excavation with lots of detail added in and a review of the shops (bronzeworkers, wineshop and carpenters) that were adjacent. A careful tour of the Veralmium museum itself yielded lots of interesting information and really caught the children's imagination. This was followed, after lunch, with a very thorough and engaging artifact handling and dressing up session which raised loads of questions in the children's minds and made the accompanying question, answer and analysis work very fruitful with real thinking and cross checking of evidence from the totally engaged pupils! An outstanding trip and series of tours and workshops!

Mr Slater

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Tuesday, 06 February 2018 15:30

Yew & Aspen Trip to Cadbury World

Yew and Aspen spring term trip was to Cadbury World and the morning finally arrived for the 25 very excited children and 3 members of staff. After a fairly traffic free journey the Cadbury sign was looming large ahead of us and we were all looking forward to our day ahead.

Our morning began with a self-guided tour which led the children through the history of chocolate from the Mayans to the beginnings of the factory built by John and Benjamin Cadbury. The children worked with a partner to find out lots of information which was good fun. We were led through lots of interactive and video areas where the children had opportunities to find out more about how our famous brands of chocolate were made. The final stop of the tour was, perhaps, the most exciting for the children with the tasting room where they all had some chocolate and the opportunity to watch a display of how chocolate used to be made and how it is made today. They were certainly quiet for this part of the day!

We left the tour and went for some lunch where the children had an opportunity to let off some steam in the adventure playground before our last part of the day within the 4D Cinema experience. This was lots of fun for everyone as we entered the world of chocolate! A great day was had by all and for some it was a very quiet journey back to school.

Mrs Hoppe

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018 10:44

Beachborough School U9 Football Triangular

Our U9’s travelled to Beachborough to face both our hosts and Ashfold in what was to be a cracking afternoon of football. We started against Beachborough and whilst the game was end to end we sadly weren’t clinical enough in both penalty areas, allowing Beachborough to have too many shots on our goal whilst not finding the right pass or shot when attacking. A good finish from Keith Adeleye was our one high point in a frustrating defeat.

Keen to bounce back we faced Ashfold in the seconf match and sadly we weren’t to improve on our result. At times our defence in particular showed great resolve in blocking and clearing a number of attacks from our opposition but sadly we couldn’t hold on and suffered defeat bravely.

Mr Ellemore


The Grove: 1
K Adeleye
Beachborough School: 4

Man of the Match: Joseph Imonioro

The Grove: 0
Ashfold School: 3
Man of the Match: Isaac Okwuadigbo

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Thursday, 18 January 2018 10:45

The Grove U9 Netball vs Beachborough School

On Tuesday 16th January, our Under 9s played their first Netball Fixture of the season away at Beachborough. We arrived in plenty of time, so we were able to do a very good warm up, it was very cold, with a bitter wind.

The girls started the first quarter with excellent confidence. With some lovely interceptions in the centre third, they managed to pass the ball and get it into their third. We had some excellent goes at at shooting, but we were unlucky. The team just needed to continue what they were doing, we were very dominant, which is what we did in the second quarter, and we were successful…. A goal scored by Hannah Siddall and helped by Arianna Vicielli-Fitch. This gave the team confidence for the second half.

The girls started the second half confidently, with some beautiful passes in the centre third from Sophie Hartley-Wiley and Alexa O’Kane, they were all over Beachborough. However, Beachborough had upped their game, and they were building in confidence by the minute. They had a few shots at goal, but with little success. Our defenders found their feet and managed to intercept and pass the ball well into the centre third. Towards the end of the third quarter, Hannah Siddall scored the second goal, we were winning 2-0. The team were getting tired now, and the cold, bitter wind was biting into their hands, they just had to spend the final quarter in possession and not give in. They worked extremely hard and won the match 2-0. Well Done Girls, our first match of the season a winner!

The Grove: 2
H Siddall (2)
Beachborough: 0

Player of the Match: Alexa O’Kane

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