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ISA National Athletics, Alexandra Stadium

It was just before 9.00am when we set off for the ISA National Athletics Finals at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham. Having qualified in the regional event at Bedford in May, Keith Adeleye, Esther Williams and Chloe Cave had already proved their worth to make these finals. All three were excited and ready to compete against children from the best independent schools in the country. After a couple of hours drive we arrived at the stadium and made our way to the London North area in the main grandstand. We made ourselves known to the area co-ordinator, picked up our race vests and settled down to watch some of the other events as we had a fair bit of time before our races started. It was all very professional, and they had everything there - AAA officials, electronic timing, a phone app for the results and an Olympic finalist/Commonwealth Games medallist (Martyn Bernard) and World Indoor Bronze medallist (Jo Marsh) handing out the medals. The events started with a bang – literally! The gun went off to start the first track event and we all jumped out of our skin as it was so loud. After watching some amazing performances, it was time for Chloe to do her best, and that’s exactly what she did finishing seventh. Keith was next on the track with the explosive 60m sprint. Unfortunately, a bash/collision with the boy in the lane next to him meant he was put off his stride, but that didn’t stop him and with only half a second covering first to last place it was a very close race with Keith finishing in fourth place. Esther was up next in the slightly longer 80m sprint. Another extremely fast race saw Esther finish less than a second off of the pace in seventh place. To reach these finals is an achievement in itself and all three did London North and The Grove proud. Well done to you all!

Mr Bay

Year 4 Boys 60m Sprint
Keith Adeleye – 4th Place (9.58s)

Year 6 Girls 80m Sprint
Esther Williams – 7th Place (12.68s)

Year 6 Girls High Jump
Chloe Cave  – 7th Place (1.10m)

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Monday, 30 January 2017 12:34

ISGA National Four Piece Competition

Sunday 22nd January 2017 saw gymnastics from The Grove participate in a National Competition held at St. Faiths School in Cambridge. This was the second event that The Grove had participated in this year and was awaited by all those taking part. As everybody had already experienced competition standards and expectations previously, they knew what they needed to accomplish in order to be successful. The effort and commitment that was shown by every gymnast taking part was exceptional and they should all be extremely proud of themselves.

The competition included a mixture of both boys’ and girls’ routines that took place all throughout the day. Although it was an early start for everyone involved, the squads were eager to get started and had a positive mind-set from start to finish.

It was the Under 9 boys that were first to compete in the morning, so after warming up and mental preparation they headed to the floor to start their routines. The competition consisted of four pieces:

  1. Set vault
  2. Voluntary fault
  3. Set floor
  4. Voluntary floor

Every gymnast taking part had their own strengths and weaknesses and all performed to their full potential. It was then time for the award ceremony for the boys. The Grove placed in 4th and should be very proud of what they have achieved.

After lunch it was the Under 9 and Under 11 girls that stepped up to perform their routines. Just as expected, each of them put in maximum effort, making the school proud whilst thoroughly enjoying themselves at the same time. The girls were set with the challenge of performing a routine to a set piece of music of their choosing. Marks were awarded based on the composition of the routine and how well their moves were performed. Considering this was the first time the girls had performed to a piece of music, they rose to the challenge and performed them brilliantly.

Finally, thank you so much to all of the friends and family that came along to the event to support the squads. Your support is always greatly appreciated; we now look forward to the challenge ahead of us.

Mr Thompson & Mrs Paris

Under 9 Boys

Set Vault Voluntary Vault Set Floor Voluntary Floor Total individual
Alexander Chan 5.50 7.50 5.50 6.00 24.00
Joseph Imonioro 7.20 8.10 6.00 7.15 28.45
Wilfred Clark 7.30 8.00 5.05 6.15 26.50
Ethan Ireland 7.40 8.30 5.80 7.00 28.50
Oliver Surley 7.20 7.90 5.90 6.25 27.25

Under 9 Girls

Set Vault Voluntary Vault Set Floor Voluntary Floor Total individual
Eve Bailey 7.70 7.85 8.55 6.05 30.15
Sophy Pearce 7.10 8.10 7.20 5.75 28.15
Hana Iguchi 7.00 7.90 7.65 7.30 29.85
Sophie Hartley-Wiley 7.40 7.80 6.40 5.15 26.75
Schechina Fundira 7.00 6.40 6.55 5.05 25.00

Under 11 Girls

Set Vault Voluntary Vault Set Floor Voluntary Floor Total individual
Emily Garwood 7.60 7.70 6.20 7.60 29.10
Chloe Cave 6.90 8.00 7.30 8.10 30.30
Caitlin Hendry 7.00 7.80 6.80 7.70 29.30
Amy Pattinson 7.00 7.70 5.80 7.40 27.90

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