Saturday, 31 March 2018 17:13

Easter Activity Week

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After all the snow melted away Cedar and Birch visited Duxford Imperial War Museum, Cambridge  and saw all their previous class learning on WWII come to life.

The morning was spent researching a myriad of  wonderful aeroplanes from different eras whilst completing a transport trail activity with great gusto and interest. They were guided around the Air Space Hanger by two very knowledgeable volunteers who answered all their questions with a wealth of information and took very good care of us all. The children experienced what it was like to travel on the Concorde and on a 1950's Jumbo Jet by being able to board these two planes and take a close look at the dial-covered cockpit. Several Rolls Royce engines were displayed to the children's amazement especially because of their size and components.

In the afternoon they visited Hanger number 4 dedicated to the Battle of Britain. They all recognised a Spitfire, a Messerschmidt and an Anderson shelter. They listened with great care to a talk by Mr Michael Hill, who was a 7 year old child during WWII, who now works as a volunteer at Duxford. They were fascinated to hear all his tales of a youth spent managing the implications of the War.

The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful opportunity which enriched their understanding of Historical Events.

Ms Casiraghi

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Friday, 15 December 2017 10:44

Christmas Activity Week

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Friday, 10 November 2017 11:58

Baptist Minister meets Pre-Prep at The Grove

Reverend Walker is a Baptist minister who has visited the children of Cedar and Birch today in order to enrich their learning on Christianity and 'Rites of Passage' in particular.

He shared with us a wealth of information about his ministry which stretch as far away as Africa. The children enjoyed sharing their own prior learning about the meaning of a Christian Baptism, Holy Communion and a Marriage with the Reverend who also answered most sensitively a variety of amazing questions about the existence of God and his relationship with the Holy Trinity!

We thanked Reverend Walker for his visit by offering a card we created. Its content depicted a variety of Rites of Passage, churches and Jesus Christ which demonstrated further the children's enjoyment of this Religious Topic. 

We look forward to Reverend Walker visiting our school again and sharing his knowledge with other year groups.

Ms Casiraghi

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Friday, 10 November 2017 11:56

The Grove House Day

IMG 5220Foundation

We had a wonderful afternoon in Foundation on History Day. The children and adults all looked fantastic dressed up as different people from History. We followed the theme of Royalty in our activities and in our house groups each child turned into a Prince or Princess and created a bejewelled crown. They then visited the Royal kitchens and prepared their own tea party cakes using of course, Royal Icing. All of the Foundation team were incredibly proud of the children and how well they worked together. It was a pleasure to see the excitement and wonder on their faces throughout the day. We look forward to our next special day.

DSC 0013Pre-Prep

The children in pre-prep had a fabulous afternoon dressed up as their favourite characters from the past. After the excitement of the cake sale the children all took part in some historical themed activities during the afternoon. Working together in their Hobby Groups the children made some medieval gingerbread whilst listening to some medieval music. It was really exciting to taste the flavours and the smells of the ginger, honey, cloves and basil which decorated the gingerbread. The children also got the opportunity to learn some facts about Mary Anning and her discoveries in Lyme Regis of  fossils. The children got an opportunity to make their own salt dough fossils which was great fun!

DSC 0008Prep


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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:52

Cedar & Birch Trip to Shakespeare's House

This term Cedar and Birch classes travelled back in time by visiting a very special home in Stratford Upon Avon: Williams Shakespeare's birthplace. As part of their Famous People topic, the children attended a varied workshop in which they experienced first hand what William's life would have been like. They created a beautifully crafted version of a horn book which Shakespeare would have used to learn Latin in school. They practised Elizabethan handwriting by using ink made with egg and used a quill to create their own names in the style of Queen Elizabeth's I signature. You could not hear a pin drop such was the level of concentration! They explored the social class divide of the era by sorting objects used by the poor and rich. Finally they all dressed up in the characters of Shakespeare's plays and fantastic looking donkeys were  galloping around the large room alongside Cleopatra and Macbeth. The children thoroughly enjoyed the first hand historical experience these activities provided.

In the afternoon a tour of Shakespeare's house took place and as our children moved from room to room a general feeling of excitement began to emerge as in the words of one of our children..." I'm walking on the same stone floor as William did!" The house has been restored to its original characteristics and it was an incredible experience to view the authenticity of some of the furniture and objects replicas. The tour naturally took us into the garden where we joined a group of actors and took part in one of the plays they were performing. It truly was an amazing experience and all of our children were part of the cast from being a ferocious lion to representing a wall! 

The day came to an end in the late part of an unusually warm afternoon with the children talking about this amazing historical trip all the way back home.

Ms Casiraghi

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:51

Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival this year was a celebration of wonderful water. Beech and Holly got the whole thing started for us telling everyone their favourite watery things to do and singing their song with wonderful actions to go with it. Next came the Science Bit! Autumn, Harry and Jessica from Cedar and Birch explained how an amazing H2O molecule is made using 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, how they bond and come apart again to make liquid water and how the water cycle works.

Walnut and Maple sang us a very charming song about three little clouds. The clouds rained on the dry ground and the sun shone and three very colourful flowers grew. Well done Walnut and Maple!

Barnaby and Ellie read us their own evocative poems ‘Peaceful Stream’ and ‘The Brook’. These two poems were chosen from the many that the children had written in creative writing lessons. We thought you might like to read them again, so here they are!

Peaceful Stream, by Barnaby Davison

One Autumn afternoon
A little stream wandered across a Maldive Island
Drifting over the soft sands
It is not deep, it is shallow
And a vivid blue like azure.
Winding its way past palm trees
Sometimes feeling the gentle plop of a leaf
On its back

The Brook, by Ellie Ying-Clifton

Do you have a tale to tell?
As you chatter and laugh – guffaw and jump,
Through my Autumn-time garden.
As you babble, as you blow,
Smell the fresh breeze blow you along.
You’re fresh and ripe like a golden-apple tree.
Feel your ripples splashing my grass in the breeze.
But soon, it will be Winter – what will your tale be then?
Your eyes closed tight, dancing to your Winter song.
And the September raindrops drop straight on your palm,
Refreshing, cooling. You gather strength to move on…
And you wind past the flower bed, camping my boat.
Sing me the story of a brook…

‘Riversong’ was a triumph! The Prep children sang their song cycle with great expression, attention to detail and commitment. Working hard in their music lessons really paid off and after a couple of focussed rehearsals altogether they once again showed how they can work as one to make a wonderful sound that filled the church.

The song ‘Waterfall’ was a particular favourite with a soaring theme and two parts that sound magnificent when sung together.

The percussionists of Acacia and Pine showed that they could be sensitive, listen and play to enhance the effect of the water ‘crashing bashing down through the craggy rocks’ and add sparkle to the ‘lazy river’ that jazzily made its way to the sea. Hana and Emily played their string parts beautifully, warming the sound.

The percussion ‘on the seashore’ with it’s exciting chant ‘I can see the sea, I can see the sea, I CAN SEA THE SEA!’ brought the river to it’s end and as it flowed out into the sea Findlay, Elijah and Ryan’s dramatic rap took us to the finale.

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic song ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ which in fact is known throughout the Grove as ‘Mark the Shark’ (for obvious reasons). Larch and Rowan had made some fabulous sea creatures which danced in the waves with colourful splashes and smiley faces!

Our last song was AMAZING!

What more can I say!

Mrs Hodges

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:49

Lunchtime Concert

On Thursday 5th October we held our first lunchtime concert of the year. We were treated to a wide range of performance from our students having Music and Speech and Drama Lessons.

The concert started with Alice Alder playing a lovely little piano piece called Hair. Freddie Lancaster followed this with The Bugle Boys, again on the piano. Shaan Sanghera then had us on the edge of our seats with his recital of Stripey Tiger.

Greer McCaffrey’s lovely performance of the Potato Song on the piano was followed by 2 Spanish pieces. Ife Adekanmbi played a Spanish Dance on her guitar and Alexander Chan played Spanish Cabellero on the piano.

A trio of boys (Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio, Daniel Nunez Montanola and Kyle Dissanayake) raised a laugh from the audience with their rendition of ‘Yuck’ followed by a delightful performance of Feed the Birds’ by Barnaby Davison.

Patrick Kinsman picked up the pace of things with The Juggler on the piano, followed by Katie’s Waltz on the violin by Eleanor Yeomans. Iraa Kulkarni then treated us to a stylish Allegretto on the piano.

Ewa Adekanmbi played Song of the mountain on her guitar before Bhavish Rao scared a few of us with his poem about a Tarantula. Kylie Dissanayake was next on the piano with The Farmer followed by Oyin Omotosho with Bluebird.

We were taken back in time by Harini Sivavakeesar with a lovely version of the song Good Morrow. This was followed by Anvi Mulik in her first lunchtime concert, playing Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano.

Next on the piano was Abigail Evans with Airplanes followed by Jacob Okwuadigbo reciting the Sock Song. Thomas Huggins gave a wonderful performance of a Theme and Variations on his guitar before Lilian Goodman scared us all at the piano with Monster!

Daniel Jemeljanenko gave a very expressive recital of the Cat’s Protection League and Sophia Shaikh delivered an eloquent performance of the World’s Worst Children.

Hana Iguchi showed us her skills on the piano with a tricky piece called clowns and the concert was brought to a close by Iraa Kulkarni who gave a very dramatic performance of Where My Wellies Take Me.

A wonderful concert, I an already looking forward to the next one.

Mr Wakley

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Upon our arrival at the Living Rainforest we were greeted by, very experienced and friendly, staff who escorted us to the glass houses. Inside, we saw a wonderful variety of animals, fishes, reptiles and birds who are native to the worlds’ rainforest areas.  The interior space was very warm and was filled with fantastic plants, trees and flowering bushes. Larch and Rowan children were so excited, their cries of delight were lovely to hear; especially when they saw toucans, monkeys, snakes, lizards and lots of other beautiful animals. Our guides were extremely knowledgeable and made our visit lively and exciting with all children engaged in their activities. The staff were very impressed with our year one’s knowledge and understanding of rainforest species and praised them on the depth of their knowledge and understanding of the rainforest and its animal and plant species! We all felt that the highlight of the day was when the sloth decided to wake up (they sleep for 18 hours per day!) and head down from their canopy to look at us watching her. The children we amazed at her hanging upside down and look at us with equal curiosity. We all had a super day, it was so interesting to see such a vast assortment of rainforest animals first-hand and to hear the children’s excited talk about their day out.

Mrs Prigmore-Wells

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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 15:20

Larch & Rowan Trip to Linford Lakes

On Tuesday 6th June, Larch and Rowan visited the Linford Lakes Nature Reserve. It was very peaceful! All around us was Cow Parsley, busy bees, vibrant flowers, still lakes and no cars, trains or loud noises. When we arrived, we were introduced to our knowledgeable tour guides. Our first activity was pond dipping. We waved nets in the water and collected lots of wiggly, floating, swimming creatures. Some of our favourite finds were a dragonfly nymph, Ramshorn snails, Lesser Water Boatman and snail eggs. Inside in the laboratory, we used microscopes and species guides to identify the insects. In the afternoon, we ventured on a bird and bug hunt. We learnt about natural and man-made habitats and were excited to discover rabbit holes and deer clearings. Up high in a tree, we saw an enormous Heron’s nest. An interesting fact was that female ducks are brown so that they are camouflaged and not seen by hungry foxes who may want duck eggs for dinner. The Year Ones greatly impressed our tour guides with their existing wealth of knowledge about plants and animals and made us feel very proud! What an exciting day being nature explorers!

Miss McCall

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