Friday, 20 October 2017 12:33

Autumn Half Term Activity Week

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Friday, 20 October 2017 12:31

Akeley Wood School U8 Tag Rugby Festival

On Wednesday 18th October The Grove U8 boys participated in an annual Tag Rugby festival held at Akeley Wood School. Every year it is always great fun and a great experience for the kids. This was only the second time the boys had played a fixture/fixtures together. Following on from their previous win over Quinton House their confidence was high and they couldn’t wait to get involved once more.

The festival consisted of 5 teams including The Grove, all playing each other once and the overall results based on tries scored and matches won, lost or drawn. Out of the 4 matches played, The Grove won 2, drew 1 and lost 1. Unfortunately, the loss and the draw were incredibly close matches and even though the result did not quite go exactly as the boys would want, it meant that overall they finished the afternoon in 2nd place!!

To achieve such a feat with such a small amount of experience is absolutely fantastic and each and every one of them should be so proud of themselves. The parents who came to watch and support the boys were just as an important factor to the day as they provided constant encouragement when the boys needed it most, and for this I thank you all.

Every single one of the Year 3 boys participated in each of the matches and every single one of them played a vital part in the team’s success on the day. This is a big step in their overall development and character which is priceless and can only get better. Although more tries were scored by different people, not 1 child stood out amongst the rest, the boys worked together as a team, showed encouragement to each other and helped each other out with every aspect of the afternoon.

We look forward to the next fixture and are positive that the boys can continue to improve on their fantastic performances.

Thank you

Mr Thompson

Game 1:

Akeley Wood School 'A': 8
The Grove: 6
O. Whittam (2), M. Malanda, G. Alvarez-Custodio, S. Okesola, T. Coles
Man of the Match: Toby Coles

Game 2:

The Grove: 6
T. Coles (3), O. Whittam (2), S. Okesola
Swanbourne House 'B': 2
Man of the Match: Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio

Game 3:

The Grove: 2
T. Coles, G. Alvarez-Custodio
Swanbourne House 'A': 2
Man of the Match: Kyle Dissanayake

Game 4:

The Grove: 7
O. Whittam (4), T. Coles, S. Okesola, G Alvarez-Custodio
Akeley Wood School 'B': 2
Man of the Match: Oliver Whittam

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:51

The Grove U11 Rugby Festival

With excitement and anticipation from players, staff and parents alike our annual rugby festival was upon us again. We welcomed Akeley Wood, Bedford Modern and Quinton House to our pitches for what was to be a fantastic afternoon of rugby.

With each team playing each other once there were plenty of opportunities for everyone to show off their skills. The top two teams would then play again in a final, that was everyone’s aim.

The Grove started against Quinton House and went behind early, but fought back with tries from Giannis Rigas and Elijah Martey. The game was end to end with the points there for the taking but unfortunately The Grove came up two tries short and fell to defeat, although it was a promising start.

Next up were last year’s victors, Bedford Modern who put on a defensive masterclass, hardly missing a tackle. The Grove’s defence improved in this game but eventually was broken down from a determined opposition. We couldn’t find a way through at the other end and failed to score, not trough lack of trying though!

Finally, we met Akeley Wood, who had won their previous two matches with ease, making the matches look very easy whilst doing so. Akeley started the match well and full of attacking intent and ran in many tries, rucking quickly and shipping the ball wide at good pace. Elijah Martey had a moment of magic, jinking his way through the defence to score the only try Akeley Wood conceded in the whole group stage but that wasn’t enough to force a comeback.

Akeley Wood and Bedford Modern met in the final and treated the spectators to a very entertaining match. In a very tense affair with the scores at a try apiece Akeley Wood crossed the line with moments to spare to secure victory. Congratulations to them and all the boys who took part, a good afternoon was had by all.

Mr Ellemore

Game 1:

The Grove: 20
Quinton House School: 30

Akeley Wood School: 25
Bedford Modern School: 0

Game 2:

Quinton House School: 0
Akeley Wood School: 40

Bedford Modern School: 25
The Grove: 0

Game 3:

The Grove: 5
Akeley Wood School :70

Quinton House School: 0
Bedford Modern School :35


Akeley Wood School: 10
Bedford Modern School: 5

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:51

Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival this year was a celebration of wonderful water. Beech and Holly got the whole thing started for us telling everyone their favourite watery things to do and singing their song with wonderful actions to go with it. Next came the Science Bit! Autumn, Harry and Jessica from Cedar and Birch explained how an amazing H2O molecule is made using 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom, how they bond and come apart again to make liquid water and how the water cycle works.

Walnut and Maple sang us a very charming song about three little clouds. The clouds rained on the dry ground and the sun shone and three very colourful flowers grew. Well done Walnut and Maple!

Barnaby and Ellie read us their own evocative poems ‘Peaceful Stream’ and ‘The Brook’. These two poems were chosen from the many that the children had written in creative writing lessons. We thought you might like to read them again, so here they are!

Peaceful Stream, by Barnaby Davison

One Autumn afternoon
A little stream wandered across a Maldive Island
Drifting over the soft sands
It is not deep, it is shallow
And a vivid blue like azure.
Winding its way past palm trees
Sometimes feeling the gentle plop of a leaf
On its back

The Brook, by Ellie Ying-Clifton

Do you have a tale to tell?
As you chatter and laugh – guffaw and jump,
Through my Autumn-time garden.
As you babble, as you blow,
Smell the fresh breeze blow you along.
You’re fresh and ripe like a golden-apple tree.
Feel your ripples splashing my grass in the breeze.
But soon, it will be Winter – what will your tale be then?
Your eyes closed tight, dancing to your Winter song.
And the September raindrops drop straight on your palm,
Refreshing, cooling. You gather strength to move on…
And you wind past the flower bed, camping my boat.
Sing me the story of a brook…

‘Riversong’ was a triumph! The Prep children sang their song cycle with great expression, attention to detail and commitment. Working hard in their music lessons really paid off and after a couple of focussed rehearsals altogether they once again showed how they can work as one to make a wonderful sound that filled the church.

The song ‘Waterfall’ was a particular favourite with a soaring theme and two parts that sound magnificent when sung together.

The percussionists of Acacia and Pine showed that they could be sensitive, listen and play to enhance the effect of the water ‘crashing bashing down through the craggy rocks’ and add sparkle to the ‘lazy river’ that jazzily made its way to the sea. Hana and Emily played their string parts beautifully, warming the sound.

The percussion ‘on the seashore’ with it’s exciting chant ‘I can see the sea, I can see the sea, I CAN SEA THE SEA!’ brought the river to it’s end and as it flowed out into the sea Findlay, Elijah and Ryan’s dramatic rap took us to the finale.

The whole school thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic song ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ which in fact is known throughout the Grove as ‘Mark the Shark’ (for obvious reasons). Larch and Rowan had made some fabulous sea creatures which danced in the waves with colourful splashes and smiley faces!

Our last song was AMAZING!

What more can I say!

Mrs Hodges

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:50

The Grove U8 Hockey vs Quinton House School

Quinton House arrived with 2 teams to play which was unexpected but gave The Grove lots of game play which was welcomed at this time of the year. Our first match was against their 'A' team and although it was the first ever fixture for our U8 girls playing, the game was very competitive throughout with some excellent attacking play from Oluwadabira Filani as centre midfield and Alexa O’Kane as centre forward. Unfortunately the team found it hard to switch from attack to defence and haven’t yet established the skill of tackling, so Quinton managed to score 2 goals pushing easily past our midfield and defence. After a team talk at the end of the match the girls were then ready for their second match against Quinton 'B' team. The Grove took control of the game fantastically well and in no time at all Alexa O’Kane scored with a super run through to goal. Soon after Oluwadabira Filani demonstrated some good individual skill on the ball and with sheer determination scored the second goal for The Grove. The second half was much the same with The Grove dominating the game and we soon secured 2 more goals from Ifeoluwa Adekanmbi and another from Alexa O’Kane.

Well done girls. A super start to the season from the U8 girls.

Mrs. Hoppe

The Grove: 0
Quinton House 'A': 2

The Grove: 4
A. O'Kane (2), O. Filani, I. Adekanmbi
Quinton House 'B': 0

Player of the Fixture: Alexa O’Kane

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:49

Akeley Wood School U10/11 Hockey Tournament

Arriving at the senior school and seeing some of the older girls practising their hockey skills was quite a treat for the girls to start their afternoon of hockey. Unfortunately, the tournament wasn’t quite as expected and we ended-up playing Akeley Wood A and B team with no other schools attending which was a shame. Nonetheless, the girls had a full afternoon of play and we started off the tournament against Akeley Wood B team. The team began really positively with some excellent passing between the mid-field and some good movement forward from Amaya Saiz-Arthur as Centre Forward. In the first half Maya Shah had scored our first goal demonstrating very good control of the ball and a good strike. The second half was a little more challenging with some counter-attack play from Akeley Wood which put our defence under pressure. Chloe Cave made some excellent tackles and distributed the ball wonderfully throughout which prevented any score against us. Amaya Saiz-Arthur made an excellent run forward in the second half and after a couple of shots at goal, sheer determination saw the ball go past the goalkeeper to bring the game to an end at 2-0 to The Grove.

After a brief rest the girls then faced Akeley Wood A team and this was a more challenging game with Chloe Cave having to work exceptionally hard in defence and Jana Alsallal making some excellent saves as goalkeeper throughout the game. The score remained 0-0 until the final short corner of the game when Akeley managed to sneak the ball past our defence to end the game 1-0 to Akeley Wood.

The girls played exceptionally well throughout the afternoon and were a credit to The Grove. Well done girls.

Mrs. Hoppe

The Grove: 2
M. Shah, A. Saiz-Arthur
Akeley Wood 'B': 0

The Grove: 0
Akeley Wood School: 1

Player of the tournament – Chloe Cave

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On Tuesday 3rd October, Juniper travelled to London to visit the Natural History Museum. They were accompanied by Mr Pendry and Mrs Howes and had the opportunity to build on information learned in both Science and Geography.

When we arrived we took the opportunity to admire the new display in the main hall of a blue whale skeleton, which has replaced the touring diplodocus that has stood there for so long. We followed this with a visit to the human biology section where the children were able to review topics such as muscles and bones, cells, eyes and how the senses work.

The children then had the opportunity to choose their next two locations and so we went to the earthquakes and volcanoes centre, where they experienced what it was like to be in a supermarket during the Kobe earthquake. We followed this with a visit to the giant sequoia tree on the top floor. Whilst it was only a slice of the giant tree, we were all stunned by the size and age of this colossal plant!

We then enjoyed lunch before visiting the hall of mammals and finally a trip through the dinosaur exhibit, highlighted by a face to face encounter with a full size, animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex.

The children enjoyed the day out and were great ambassadors for the school.

Mr Pendry

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:47

The Grove Cross Country

In our annual cross country run anticipation was high and the determination was evident from all to complete the course with maximum effort. With junior prep racing first around the 1 mile course it was crucial that the children didn’t sprint off then end up walking. For most this was achieved.

In the boys race Keith Adeleye lead from the first corner and never looked like being overtaken, storming home impressively ahead of the rest. He was followed by Gautham Parthiban and Oliver Whittam to complete the top three.

In the girls race it was again an Adeleye that dominated, this time Morenike finished fastest to take the win, ahead of Sophie Hartley-Wiley and Regan Hovell. What impressed in both races was that a Yew and Aspen child made the top three so well done to Oliver Whittam and Regan Hovell.

In the seniors race they had to run the course twice, meaning pacing themselves would be even more important. A good battle took place in the girls race between Sophy Pearce and Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana but as the second lap went on Sophy managed to ease away and create a gap which never closed, particular well done to Sophy as she has won as a year 5, against children up to three years older than her! Chloe Cave completed the top three.

In the boys race Dean Quinton wasn’t holding back and ran superbly to win, looking comfortable the whole way round. Chasing Dean was never going to be easy but Elijah Martey and Wilfred Clark gave it a good go and finished second and third respectively.

A good effort was put in by all and a big thanks to the parents who came out to support and staff who helped make the afternoon run smoothly.

Mr Ellemore

Individual Results

Junior Girls  Junior Boys  Senior Girls  Senior Boys 
 1st Morenike Adeleye -    Keith Adeleye -  Sophy Pearce -   Dean Quinton -  
 2nd Sophie Hartley-Wiley -   Gautham Parthiban -  Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana -   Elijah Martey -
 3rd Regan Hovell -  Oliver Whittam -   Chloe Cave -   Wilfred Clark -  


House Results

Junior Girls Junior Boys  Senior Girls  Senior Boys  Overall 
1st  Rockingham (66 pts)  Arden (33 pts)  Dean (8 pts)  Wyre (3 pts)  Arden - 134pts 
2nd Arden (71 pts)  Dean (58 pts)  Arden (13 pts)  Dean (4 pts)  Dean - 164 pts 
3rd  Wyre (72 pts)  Wyre (59 pts)  Rockingham (32 pts)  Rockingham (14 pts)  Rockingham - 173 pts 
4th  Dean (94 pts)  Rockingham (61 pts)  Wyre (51 pts)  Arden (17 pts)  Wyre - 185 pts 
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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:39

The Grove U8 Rugby vs Quinton House School

Friday 29th September saw The Grove Under 8 Boys play their first Tag Rugby fixture of the academic year at home to Quinton House. This was the first time all of the boys had ever competed in tag rugby and had only had 4 training sessions to prepare for it. Due to the anticipation and the excitement of it all, the boys did not show any signs of nervousness and turned up raring to go!

The match started well for The Grove as they took a 2-0 lead. Unfortunately, due to a lapse in concentration Quinton House were able to pull the match back level. The match consisted of four 7 minute quarters and throughout the entire game the scores stayed extremely close with only 1 or 2 points difference at any time. Finally, as fatigue started to kick in it was The Grove showed their second wind and managed to pull away in the dying few minutes of the match to record their first victory with a score of 10-8.

Every single one of the boys played extremely well and should be proud of their performance and efforts. Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio captained the team well, he showed great leadership skills and great sportsmanship to Quinton House. Toby Coles stood out also with his penetrating runs and excellent pace through the heart of the Quinton House defence, causing them all kinds of trouble!

Thank you for all of the support from parents who turned up to watch, it is greatly appreciated by everyone.

The Grove now look forward to their next matches at the Akeley Wood festival in a few weeks’ time, hoping to build on their current success.

Mr Thompson

The Grove: 10
Quinton House: 8
Man of the Match: Toby Coles

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Friday, 29 September 2017 08:48

The Grove U10/11 Hockey vs Beachborough School

On the 28th September, The Grove girls faced their second game of the season against Beachborough School.

After a 40 minute drive, we arrived in time for a warm-up and a thorough team talk before commencing play. The whole team approached the game very positive due to their fantastic win the week before and they were all very excited to begin.

The game begun with the Grove taking the first push back. The girls started well and managed to get stuck in. However, the Beachborough team had exceptionally strong players and they managed to make some fantastic breaks in order to find the goal.

The second half was slightly shorter than the first due to Beachborough having another game straight after against Quinton House. However, the Grove girls still battled away with Chloe Cave in defence having an outstanding game. She consistently made strong tackles to break down the opposite teams attacking play and cleared the ball away from danger.

The final score ended up Beachborough 5 – Grove – 0. However, considering that Sophy Pearce helped out in goal last minute to replace Jana Alsallal who was away and the fact that it was only the Grove girls second fixture, there were lots of positives to take away from the afternoon.

Well done.

The Grove: 0
Beachborough School: 5

Miss. Rawle

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