On Tuesday 3rd October, Juniper travelled to London to visit the Natural History Museum. They were accompanied by Mr Pendry and Mrs Howes and had the opportunity to build on information learned in both Science and Geography.

When we arrived we took the opportunity to admire the new display in the main hall of a blue whale skeleton, which has replaced the touring diplodocus that has stood there for so long. We followed this with a visit to the human biology section where the children were able to review topics such as muscles and bones, cells, eyes and how the senses work.

The children then had the opportunity to choose their next two locations and so we went to the earthquakes and volcanoes centre, where they experienced what it was like to be in a supermarket during the Kobe earthquake. We followed this with a visit to the giant sequoia tree on the top floor. Whilst it was only a slice of the giant tree, we were all stunned by the size and age of this colossal plant!

We then enjoyed lunch before visiting the hall of mammals and finally a trip through the dinosaur exhibit, highlighted by a face to face encounter with a full size, animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex.

The children enjoyed the day out and were great ambassadors for the school.

Mr Pendry

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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:47

The Grove Cross Country

In our annual cross country run anticipation was high and the determination was evident from all to complete the course with maximum effort. With junior prep racing first around the 1 mile course it was crucial that the children didn’t sprint off then end up walking. For most this was achieved.

In the boys race Keith Adeleye lead from the first corner and never looked like being overtaken, storming home impressively ahead of the rest. He was followed by Gautham Parthiban and Oliver Whittam to complete the top three.

In the girls race it was again an Adeleye that dominated, this time Morenike finished fastest to take the win, ahead of Sophie Hartley-Wiley and Regan Hovell. What impressed in both races was that a Yew and Aspen child made the top three so well done to Oliver Whittam and Regan Hovell.

In the seniors race they had to run the course twice, meaning pacing themselves would be even more important. A good battle took place in the girls race between Sophy Pearce and Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana but as the second lap went on Sophy managed to ease away and create a gap which never closed, particular well done to Sophy as she has won as a year 5, against children up to three years older than her! Chloe Cave completed the top three.

In the boys race Dean Quinton wasn’t holding back and ran superbly to win, looking comfortable the whole way round. Chasing Dean was never going to be easy but Elijah Martey and Wilfred Clark gave it a good go and finished second and third respectively.

A good effort was put in by all and a big thanks to the parents who came out to support and staff who helped make the afternoon run smoothly.

Mr Ellemore

Individual Results

Junior Girls  Junior Boys  Senior Girls  Senior Boys 
 1st Morenike Adeleye - 9:17.43  Keith Adeleye - 7:57.20 Sophy Pearce - 17:13.09 Dean Quinton - 16:14.54
 2nd Sophie Hartley-Wiley - 9:27.10  Gautham Parthiban - 8:07.38 Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana - 18:41.80 Elijah Martey - 16:17.98
 3rd Regan Hovell - 9:28.52 Oliver Whittam - 8:17.39 Chloe Cave - 19:18.38 Wilfred Clark - 16:22.42


House Results

Junior Girls Junior Boys  Senior Girls  Senior Boys  Overall 
1st  Rockingham (66 pts)  Arden (33 pts)  Dean (8 pts)  Wyre (3 pts)  Arden - 134pts 
2nd Arden (71 pts)  Dean (58 pts)  Arden (13 pts)  Dean (4 pts)  Dean - 164 pts 
3rd  Wyre (72 pts)  Wyre (59 pts)  Rockingham (32 pts)  Rockingham (14 pts)  Rockingham - 173 pts 
4th  Dean (94 pts)  Rockingham (61 pts)  Wyre (51 pts)  Arden (17 pts)  Wyre - 185 pts 
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Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:39

The Grove U8 Rugby vs Quinton House School

Friday 29th September saw The Grove Under 8 Boys play their first Tag Rugby fixture of the academic year at home to Quinton House. This was the first time all of the boys had ever competed in tag rugby and had only had 4 training sessions to prepare for it. Due to the anticipation and the excitement of it all, the boys did not show any signs of nervousness and turned up raring to go!

The match started well for The Grove as they took a 2-0 lead. Unfortunately, due to a lapse in concentration Quinton House were able to pull the match back level. The match consisted of four 7 minute quarters and throughout the entire game the scores stayed extremely close with only 1 or 2 points difference at any time. Finally, as fatigue started to kick in it was The Grove showed their second wind and managed to pull away in the dying few minutes of the match to record their first victory with a score of 10-8.

Every single one of the boys played extremely well and should be proud of their performance and efforts. Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio captained the team well, he showed great leadership skills and great sportsmanship to Quinton House. Toby Coles stood out also with his penetrating runs and excellent pace through the heart of the Quinton House defence, causing them all kinds of trouble!

Thank you for all of the support from parents who turned up to watch, it is greatly appreciated by everyone.

The Grove now look forward to their next matches at the Akeley Wood festival in a few weeks’ time, hoping to build on their current success.

Mr Thompson

The Grove: 10
Quinton House: 8
Man of the Match: Toby Coles

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Friday, 29 September 2017 08:48

The Grove U10/11 Hockey vs Beachborough School

On the 28th September, The Grove girls faced their second game of the season against Beachborough School.

After a 40 minute drive, we arrived in time for a warm-up and a thorough team talk before commencing play. The whole team approached the game very positive due to their fantastic win the week before and they were all very excited to begin.

The game begun with the Grove taking the first push back. The girls started well and managed to get stuck in. However, the Beachborough team had exceptionally strong players and they managed to make some fantastic breaks in order to find the goal.

The second half was slightly shorter than the first due to Beachborough having another game straight after against Quinton House. However, the Grove girls still battled away with Chloe Cave in defence having an outstanding game. She consistently made strong tackles to break down the opposite teams attacking play and cleared the ball away from danger.

The final score ended up Beachborough 5 – Grove – 0. However, considering that Sophy Pearce helped out in goal last minute to replace Jana Alsallal who was away and the fact that it was only the Grove girls second fixture, there were lots of positives to take away from the afternoon.

Well done.

The Grove: 0
Beachborough School: 5

Miss. Rawle

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Hawthorn and Poplar enjoyed their first trip of the year, to the River and Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames. Learning about our current reading book for the year group, The Wind in the Willows, they were immersed in illustrations and props from the story from the first minute we arrived. They began the day with a smidgeon of acting, pretending to be the proud (and rather loud) Toad of Toad Hall. They were then given a series of tasks to explore: Handling real Victorian artefacts that would have been present in the scenes of the book; deciding which adjectives best described the habitats of the four main characters; discussing and finding examples of the running theme of friendship, in the story and finally, dressing up! 

The children walked down to the river and looked at the habitats in which the characters would have dwelled: A meadow for Moley, ‘Cold bath stream’, for the water-vole and Mr Toad and the woodland, for Badger and the dastardly stoats and weasels. They were even introduced to the ‘Willows’ themselves and we all observed a slight wind blowing in them. After lunch, the children were treated to a small gift from the shop and looked around the exhibition area. They were most impressed by the interactive exhibits – especially the scary, wild wood!

All in all, they enjoyed a day of varied activities and learning which kept them well-engaged. Hopefully, this will have enriched their experience of the book and brought it to life, more vividly, in their imaginations.

Mrs Kenton

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Thursday, 21 September 2017 14:15

The Grove U10/11 Hockey vs Quinton House School

This was the U10/11’s first fixture of the season against Quinton House and what a great fixture it was!

The game started promptly with The Grove winning the first push back. Throughout the first half, we were very much dominating play, demonstrating some fantastic attacking play which continued throughout the whole game.

Jana Alsallal managed to keep a clean sheet, making some very important clearances. This was helped by a fantastic defence, with Chloe Cave, Sophy Pearce and Eve Bailey strong in all of their tackles.

In midfield and on the wing, Maya Shah, Gabriella English, Iman Komane and Carolina Diniz Fernandez-Lomana demonstrated superb vision distributing the ball beautifully down both of the channels. And in attack, Amaya Saiz-Arthur showed great commitment and hunger for the ball, scoring a total of three goals!

Overall, it was a fantastic game with both excellent individual and team performances all around. Well done!

Miss. Rawle

The Grove: 6
A. Saiz-Arthur (3), G. English, C. Diniz Fernandez-Lomana
Quinton House School: 0

Player of the Match: Maya Shah

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Thursday, 21 September 2017 14:12

The Grove Colts Rugby vs Quinton House School

With the rugby season well and truly underway we travelled to Quinton House full of anticipation after last week’s win against Asfhold. We knew we still had areas to improve on though and the game was never going to be easy.

We started sloppily with some missed tackles and went behind early. Sadly, we never recovered and poor mistakes in important areas and at crucial times meant we couldn’t stop conceding tries. When we were on the attack we showed promise but couldn’t quite string that final pass together or break through the defensive line. We did get on the score sheet when Findlay Hovell reacted quickest to a loose ball and pounced to score but our attacks were far too infrequent.

More missed tackles meant the score was mounting higher but one highlight did come when Elijah Martey picked up and ball and used his pace to break through Quinton House’s defences to score. Soon after Kwaku Malanda picked up his first try of the season, running home into the corner. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to mount a comeback and we ended a tough game with a 50-15 defeat.

Our next fixtures come on October 11th as we host our annual rugby festival, plenty of practise will be taking place between now and then to ensure our ‘A game’ is present then.

Mr Ellemore

The Grove: 15
F. Hovell, E. Martey, K. Malanda
Quinton House School: 50

Man of the Match: Findlay Hovell

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On Tuesday the 27th of June Yew & Aspen made a visit to the Chiltern Open Air Museum, near Amersham. The propose of the trip was to support the learning from this academic year, but also introduce new topics for the 2017/18 year.

We arrived in good time and were met by our Guide’ Sarah’ who talked us through the events for the day and also gave us some valuable background into how /why the museum had ended up on this site.

As a group we then went into our ‘Iron Age’ workshop which was taken by ‘Heidi’ of the Catuvellauni tribe in England.

tribe! The children then spent the next ninety minutes exploring and trialling different aspects of iron age life. This included ‘warrior face painting’, pottery, bread making and building an animal shelter.

After the group session and lunch the children and staff broke up into smaller groups to explore the other displays within the museum. The variety of equipment and information was fantastic and the children were most definitely fully engaged throughout.

We finished off the visit with a bush trail walk and the children made use of the medieval playground and got rid of some excess energy prior to the bus ride back to school. The trip was a great success, the demonstrations and displays were superb and the children represented the school extremely well.

A huge ‘Thankyou’ to Mrs Skillings, Mr McGregor and Mr Thompson who accompanied us on the trip and I know the children really enjoyed the day.

Mr Small

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016 08:47

Spruce & Juniper Trip to Amersham Common

On Tuesday the 11th of October, Spruce & Juniper set off for Amersham Fieldwork Centre to collect data for our Geography Coursework. At the centre we met our guide, Emily, who would be leading us through our investigation into microclimates. A micro climate being the conditions and climate of a very small specific area. First we learnt about all the different way in which a microclimate can be affected, such as; height of land, bodies of water, shelter, vegetation, pollution and the colour of the surface. All of these areas will have an impact upon the Strength of Wind, Temperature of air & soil, how much rainfall there would be and amount of light received.

Once we knew all of these things we were able to make a hypotheses of the microclimate at 3 area’s we would be going out to measure; 1 being a meadow, 1 a deciduous wood and another a coniferous wood. Once we had made our predictions we went out to measure the conditions in all 3 area’s using scientific equipment like anemometers, rain gauges, soil thermometers, light meters and quadrat’s.

After we collected all of our data we came back to the centre to see whether our predictions had been correct, some of which were and others were not. So we discussed the reasons why we had made mistakes, we came up with reasons like we only measured the results once, the weather is always changing so could be different later today or tomorrow or a week from now. Also that we had never used the equipment before so we might have got it wrong.

Now that we have collected all of this data we will be able to write up all of the information back at school and use the pictures and results we used better than if we had just been given the information because we collected it ourselves and even though it was really cold it was fun being out learning new things and collecting the information.

By Jasmine Fadayini

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