Under 8's

A beautiful day for our fixture against Swanbourne and the girls were very excited for our second game of the season. The first innings was a mixture of some excellent fielding but with a number of silly errors batting. Oluwadabira battled with her hay fever as bowler but her determination was admirable and she played a key role with some consistent bowling and speed to the ball when retrieving. Special praise must go to Emily Pugsley who took a fantastic catch and looked to stump her post as well. Our batting in the first innings unfortunately lacked concentration and many players were stumped out because of poor decision making. This is something to work on going forwards to the next game. The second innings fared better and although our batting was disappointing, our fielding remained consistent with very few half rounders given away. The final score finished as a loss for The Grove 16 and a half to 11 and a half.

Mrs Hoppe

The Grove: 11½
Swanbourne House: 16½
Players of the Match: Emily Pugsley & Oluwadabira Filani

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IMG 3174This was the first game of the season against Beachborough and the girls started well in the first innings. The bowling switched between Chloe Cave and Maya Shah and both girls bowled well and were sensible to swop places when they started to lapse in concentration. The girls understanding of the game was good and they worked hard to stop half rounders being scored at second post. When batting the girls were a little slow to get going and we scored most of the rounders from the bowlers no-balls. Emily Ying-Clifton and Emily Garwood both scored full rounders with some excellent running and tactical judgement. We were ahead going into the second innings and once again the fielding was solid with only a few errors when making quick decisions. Amaya Saiz-Arthur performed very well in bat for the second innings scoring 2 excellent rounders off 2 balls and both Emily Ying-Clifton and Emily Garwood worked hard for another full rounder each. The final ball ended in a victory for The Grove. Well done girls. A great start.

Mrs. Hoppe

The Grove: 19½
Beachborough School: 16
Player of the Match: Amaya Saiz-Arthur & Esther Williams

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IMG 3025Under 8's

The first rounders fixture of the season for the Under 8 team and the girls were very excited and nervous. We had a little bit of time to practice before Ashfold arrived and to go over some of the many rules of the game. Unfortunately, we lost the coin toss and Ashfold chose to field first for the first innings so the girls had to settle quickly into the batting order. Ashfold fielded very well and because The Grove didn’t really make much contact with the ball in bat they found it really hard to score. We scored a few half rounders from mis-fields and no-balls so ended the first innings with 3 and a half rounders. Ashfold were very confident in batting alongside a lack of concentration from The Grove leading to a good score of 6 and a half rounders after the first innings. The Grove improved into the second innings and actually scored more than Ashfold but with the gap created after the first innings the score ended with a very close 8-7 defeat.
A good start to the season. Well done.

Mrs Hoppe

The Grove: 7
Ashfold School: 8
Player of the Match: Oluwadabira Filani

IMG 3089Under 9's

The Under 9 Girls had their first Rounders Fixture of the season against Ashfold School at home. The girls were a little nervous as they had had very little practice of a full match due to the amount of rain we had in the previous weeks. They were also very excited also, as Rounders is an all around favourite with these girls. The girls started in the field, this was good as it got them used to the catching and they could see how good the other teams hitting was. There was some very accurate bowling from Alexa O'kane and some quick catching from Hannah Siddall on Backstop. It took a little while for the girls to get in their stride, but they soon were catching and making good decisions with the ball. Their batting was consistent, and the girls were very good at watching the ball, however, they did not take enough risks to take the half rounders we needed if we hit the ball. We relaxed more in the second innings, and we had some lovely accurate catching from Harini Sivavakesar on 4th to stop some rounders being scored. We were also more confident in our batting overall, with some better risk making from Hannah, who scored a rounder.
Altogether, the girls had a successful first match, and really enjoyed the afternoon.

Mrs Paris

The Grove: 4
Ashfold School: 8½
Player of the Match: Alexa O'Kane

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This was a key match to see if the team had learnt lessons from the previous week and certainly the focus was there in the warm-up with consistency and accuracy in throwing and catching.

Amaya Saiz-Arthur was Captain for the game and after losing the toss, led the team into bat. Unfortunately, our batting was a little disappointing with the girls seeming to fall apart, making unnecessary runs and finding themselves stumped out very early on in the innings. Amaya was particularly unlucky with a great hit that was caught just beyond first post.  

Our first innings in the field favoured a little better with Amaya leading by example with some confident decisions and accurate throwing. Hana Iguchi bowled really well with very few ‘no balls’ delivered and Eve Bailey threw accurately to both bowler and second post as our backstop. Quinton had a great 1st innings in bat and scored some well deserved rounders.

The 2nd innings seemed to continue with a lack of concentration from The Grove and last minute decision making meant that key players found themselves stumped out very early on. Quinton grew in confidence in their 2nd batting innings as more players were making contact with the ball and putting The Grove under pressure. Hana continued to bowl extremely well and there were some moments of very good fielding by the rest of the team. Unfortunately, the little mistakes and errors of judgement resulted in a lead that The Grove just couldn’t chase.

Mrs. Hoppe

The Grove: 6
Quinton House School: 10
Player of the Match: Amaya Saiz-Arthur

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017 08:48

The Grove U9 Rounders vs Thornton College

After a scorching hot week of weather there was a welcomed respite with some cloud and a nice breeze for our fixture against Thornton. Iraa Kulkarni made her debut as captain and enjoyed the experience of leading the team. After winning the coin toss The Grove chose to field first and we had a very good start to the game, communicating well and keeping the rounders scored by Thornton to a minimum. Hana Iguchi was consistently good with her bowling and the partnership between bowler and backstop was working well.

When it was our turn to bat we managed a whole innings with no-one out with the girls only making calculated risks when running. Amaya Saiz-Arthur was superb scoring a rounder with every ball bowled to her, striking the ball with good direction and distance. After the first innings there was one and a half rounders separating the two teams.

The 2nd innings saw a lack of concentration from The Grove and our fielding started to unravel with silly mistakes being made. It was a real shame after the confident start in the first innings. Unfortunately, we found ourselves with a lot of rounders to chase which in the end became impossible. Amaya batted very well again and scored on every ball and others in the team were making contact but just unable to execute any distance to have a chance of scoring.

A great game played by both teams and some excellent sporting behaviour by both.

Well done girls.

Mrs Hoppe

The Grove: 12
Thornton College: 16
Player of the Match: Hana Iguchi

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017 16:09

The Grove U9 Rounders vs Ashfold School

On the 20th June, the U9 girls had a rounders fixture away against Ashfold. Due to a few absences, the team was slightly mixed, with Dana Alsallal, Arianna Vieceli Fitch, Chibugom Iwuagwu, Sophie Hartley-Wiley and Thea-Donya Kassaei helping us out.

In the first innings, the Grove managed to score three rounders in total, with Amaya and Eve Bailey scoring a two half rounders each and the rest scored from no balls. Ashfold School on the other hand, managed to score five rounders, with all of their points earned from batting, since Amaya was extremely consistent with her bowling and gave away no points for no balls.

In the second innings, the Grove played well with some excellent fielding. However, Ashfold continued to be accurate with their batting and managed to accumulate many points through half rounders. The score of the second innings was 3 ½ to Grove and 7 ½ to Ashfold, therefore the final score overall was Ashfold – 12 ½ , Grove – 6 ½.

Again, this was a lovely fixture with some great individual performances. In particular, Eve Bailey as captain, played brilliantly as backstop, she demonstrated excellent reaction skills and she was very accurate with her throwing to second post. Well done to all involved.

Miss. Rawle

The Grove: 6½
Ashfold School: 12½
Player of the Match: Eve Bailey

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017 16:08

The Grove U8 Rounders vs Ashfold School

On Tuesday 20th June, the Under 8 Girls played their final rounders fixture of the season at Ashfold. It was one of the hottest June days on record, and they were very hot and sticky, but very excited to be there. The Grove chose to bat first, this was good as they could see the fielding skills of the other team. It took a few balls for us to warm up, but we finally started taking more risks even though we were not hitting the ball much. There was also a huge improvement in the girls watching the game whilst they were batting. Hannah Siddall scored the only rounder of the innings by hitting the ball, sending the fielders into a panic and she managed to get all the way around. We went in to field feeling very positive, and we produced some excellent fielding with some good catches, managing to get 4 Ashfold players out.

The second innings was a lot more positive. We had now warmed up, we knew the level of the fielders, and we played excellently. Sending the Ashfold fielding team into a panic by taking more risks. We also had good hits from Alice Alder and Alexa O’Kane, scoring 3 and a half rounders between them in the second innings. Mikayla Marley also took a risk with one of the last balls, running all the way around, scoring her first half rounder of the season. We then moved on to field for the last time, feeling good about the game, we never made any silly mistakes and even though the Ashfold players had some big hits, Sophia Shakh and Harini Sivavaskeer worked well in the deep and on 3rd base to stop some rounders from being scored.

The girls should be very proud of their performance in this match, especially as it was so hot and sunny.

Well Done Girls!!

Mrs Paris

The Grove: 8½
Ashfold School: 14½

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On the 14th June, the U10/11 Grove girls played against Ashfold School B team. The game started promptly and it was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to put into practice what they have been learning in their rounders lessons.

Within the first innings, the Grove played well managing to score seven rounders in total, including an excellent rounder by Carolina Diniz Fernandez Lomana. Similarly, when fielding, I was extremely impressed by the girls positioning and quick decision-making when in play. This was demonstrated particularly well by Luluwah Alsallal as she continually positioned herself effectively to deliver a fast ball to second post.

Ashfold on the other hand, also played very well and their team consisted of some excellent batters and fielders, therefore they managed to accumulate a total of nine rounders in the first innings.

In the second innings, the game was still relatively equal in terms of ability, however Ashfold School managed to make contact with the ball more frequently when batting,  managing to gain additional half rounders. Therefore, this meant that the total score overall was 15½ to Ashfold – 10 to the Grove.

Overall, this was a great game with lots of positives to take away. There were also many excellent individual performances, including Tiya Mistry as bowler, who throughout the game was consistent and accurate with her bowling. Also, Mariam Elakama demonstrated very safe hands when fielding and power when batting, resulting in her being chosen as ‘Player of the match’ by the opposing team.

Well done girls.

Miss Rawle

The Grove: 10
Ashfold School 'B': 15½
Player of the Match: Mariam Elakama

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This was the U9 first game against Beachborough at home. Amaya Saiz Arthur was chosen as captain and won the toss, therefore deciding to start as the fielding team. The game started well with Hana Iguchi as bowler. After a few no balls, Hana warmed up and became a consistent bowler for the first set of innings. 

Within the game, the Grove managed to score points from no balls, including a rounder by Amaya. The score at the end of the first innings was six to Beachborough and two to the Grove.

In the second innings, Beachborough were exceptional at their batting and managed to cumulate a good score from lots of half rounders. They had some very strong players on the pitch, which resulted in a total score of 15 rounders to Beachborough. The Grove fought back well, however due to a lapse in concentration, over half of the team were made out at first post.

Despite this, the Grove girls learnt a great deal from this fixture in terms of positioning and decision making which they can use to take forward into their next fixtures.

Miss. Rawle

The Grove: 7
Beachborough: 15

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On Tuesday 23rd May, the Under 8 Girls went to a very exciting rounders match at Beachborough School. It was perfect weather for rounders, warm and sunny. In the first innings, we fielded excellently getting a number of players out and stopping quite a few from scoring. We lacked some confidence when we were batting , however and we didn't push ourselves to score many. In the first innings we were losing 11-9.

After a little chat before the second innings, the girls were a lot more confident. With excellent bowling from Alexa O’Kane, we managed to stop a lot of rounders from being scored. The Beachborough team were excellent batters, and the amazing alertness from Sophie Hartley-Wiley and Chibugom Iwugawu in the deep, we managed to get the ball a lot more successfully to Arianna Viecelli-Fitch on 4th post and either get the player out or stop them from running. We also batted more confidently, taking more risks in the latter half of the innings to put Beachborough under pressure.

This was a very positive match for The Grove Under 8's and they all performed amazingly in the heat of the sun.

Well Done Girls.

Mrs Paris

The Grove: 16
Beachborough: 20

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