On Sunday 20th May the ski race squad, Mrs Berkin, Miss Keats and myself travelled up to Leeds for the National Schools Indoor Open Championships.

We arrived in Leeds at 3pm all very excited and ready for our training session on the slope from 4pm-6pm. Getting ourselves prepared and carrying out lots of practice runs of the race course. After a very tiring 2 hours and long drive we enjoyed a very yummy super and then headed off to bed.

Race day.

The children got themselves suited and booted and onto the slope for some pre-race training. At 10.30am the first race began.

All the children got to carry out 3 runs of the race course, with their fastest time putting them onto the results table. We also had 2 teams an A team and a B team.

A Team

Sophy Pearce

U12 Girls



Alice Alder

U12 Girls



Sophie Hartley-Wiley

U10 Girls



Daniel Jemeljanenko

U12 Boys



The A team was entered into the mixed team competition, coming in at 2nd Place.

B Team

Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio

U10 Boys



Isaac Okwuadigbo

U10 Boys



Kyle Dissanayake

U10 Boys



A very well done to all the children that took part in the race and an extra special well done to our children here at The Grove, who all came home with 1, if not 2 medals. Well done and I’m very proud of each and every one of you.The B team were entered into the U10’s Boys Team competition, also coming in at 2nd place.

I would just like to say a very big thank you to all the parents that made it up to Leeds and for all your support.

Miss Archer

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On Monday 30th April some of the ski race team and myself arrived at school at 6:30am to go take part in The ISA National Open Indoor Ski Championships.

Once we arrived at Hemel snow centre the children got themselves suited and booted and onto the slope to warm themselves up, and to do a test run of the course.  At 10am the first race began.

All the children got to carry out 2 runs of the race course, with their fastest time putting them onto the results table.

Name Age ISA position Overall Position 1st race 2nd race
Sophie Hartley-Wiley U10 5th 10th 21.85 23.31
Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio U10 7th 11th 19.67 20.65
Sophy Pearce U12 2nd 13th 20.11 19.89
Daniel Jemeljanenko U12 6th 16th 17.55 19.66
Alice Alder U12 5th 17th 20.76 21.02
Kyle Dissanayake U10 19th 29th 24.24 24.39


I would just like to say a big thank you to the parents that made it, and for all your support. The children were great, well done to everyone that took part.

Miss Archer

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Sunday, 01 April 2018 11:54

Italy Ski Trip 2018

At 4am on Sunday 1st April 47 Grove children, their families and staff set off for the Grove School Ski trip, this year to Prato Nevoso, Italy. We arrived at the resort in glorious sunshine and everyone was very excited to check into the hotel and collect our ski equipment ready for our first day of skiing.

On Monday morning we headed to the bottom of the slope to meet our ski instructors for the children’s lessons. For many of our skiers this was their first time skiing on a real mountain after lessons at the MK SnoZone and they were excited to get going. A few children were a little nervous being their fist time on the mountain but at the end of their first run Lilian Goodman and Alexander Briscoe could be heard shouting “Wow that was amazing!” and “Again! Again!”. For some of our Group 1 skiers Hector Simms and Jude Cronin-Webb this was their first ever time with skis on. All the children had a great first morning with Alice Alder, Sophie Hartley-Wiley, Jacob Millburn and Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio very enthusiastically telling everyone at lunchtime how they had skied their first ever black run! With the hotel being ski-in-ski-out our top two groups met their instructors at the hotel to ski for the afternoon. Following our first day of skiing we enjoyed an evening of ‘Bum boarding’ which the adults seemed to enjoy as much as the children.

Day two we woke to very cloudy skies and poor visibility but this didn’t put the children off, as they headed out for their 2nd day of skiing. For the afternoon session, the top two groups went to the snow park to attempt some jumps and a box! Our beginners group continued to work on their snowplough at the bottom of the slope where visibility was a little better. In the evening the children chose between swimming and watching a film, with a huge swimming pool all to ourselves the children thoroughly enjoyed racing each other hunting for dive sticks.

On day three, like day two, the skies were very overcast and we even experienced some rain and hail, this didn’t deter the tough Grove school skiers though as they continued to work on their skiing and a little more freestyle in the afternoon. Due to the poor weather we decided to postpone our outdoor activity and enjoy another evening of swimming and a film.

Day four saw the return of the amazing sunshine and it  lifted everyone’s spirits following two cloudy days. We saw a lots of parents venture out onto the slopes, many of whom, like the children, were also skiing for the first time whilst some were very experienced skiers and snowboarders. With the much better conditions the children skied a little further away and tried some new slopes. During the afternoon, some of the parents took the opportunity to take their children out skiing themselves and the parents, who had named themselves “Group 4,” were really impressed with how well all their children skied. With the improved weather the children enjoyed an evening of Sno-tubes and inflatables before a well earned supper and an early night ahead of our final day of skiing.

On our final day the instructors arranged a race for the children, and any adults who wanted to join in. The group set off to warm up then skied through the gates to see the layout of the course before heading back up to the top of the slope for the race. With the race taking part on the slope in front of the hotel a small crowd of parents had gathered to watch and cheer on the racers. To show them how it’s done Miss Keates set off first, however as she is a super skier (and ski instructor!) to give the other adults a chance she skied the course on just 1 ski, a very impressive run from Miss Keates! The children then raced with the U6’s, Aron Sonander, Lilian Goodman, Alexander Briscoe, Frederick Lancaster and Timothy Lancaster going first. All skied brilliantly down the course. The U10s race followed with Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio, Ruesha Kaur and Jacob Millburn having their first go at racing followed by our experienced racers Alice Alder and Sophie Hartley-Wiley completing the under 10s race. With all the children successfully down the course the pressure was now on the parents. Mr Briscoe, Mrs Briscoe, Mr Lancaster, Miss Keates and our resort rep Davide all put in good performances but we’d have to wait until the evening for the final results. Just as we thought the race was over the group 1 skiers, Jude Cronin-Webb, Ruaridh McErlean-Watson, Hector Simms and Dylan Sonander, all just 3yrs old, joined the race from half way down the slope and all had a go at the bottom section of the course. A brilliant finish to the race watching them all ski, a huge achievement from our beginner skiers!

Following a final afternoon ski we all met up at the stage for the race results, having already discussed the race at length over lunch everyone was eagerly waiting to find out who had won, and more importantly had the children beaten the adults? The under 6s results came first with 3rd place going to Lilian Goodman, 2nd place to Aron Sonander and 1st place to Timothy Lancaster. In the under 10s Alice Alder was 3rd with Gabriel Alvarez-Custodio in 2nd and Sophie Hartley-Wiley in 1st place. The parents results were revealed last with Miss Keats in 3rd (amazing considering she completed the course on 1 ski), Mr Brisoce came 2nd and Mr Lancaster was in 1st place. The parents were just as pleased with their medals as the children. However, the most important result, Sophie Hartley-Wiley had beaten all the adults, well done Sophie!

We finished the week with a Pizza night at the top of the mountain and a mini disco for the children and adults. What a great way to finish a fabulous week of skiing which was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children, adults and Grove staff. Thank you to all the Grove staff for your hard work and to all the parents who helped make it a very successful week. We look forward to the next Grove School Ski Trip!

Charlotte Lancaster

IMG 1957IMG 1743 Pano

We heard it would be blue skies... we wished for blues skies... and that is exactly what we received! What a beautiful day for skiing! The morning involved plenty of coaching techniques for all the groups. A lot of the children took the opportunity to head off in the afternoon with their parents and staff for some free ski time. Sno Tubing and inflatables were the activities for the après ski, which was enjoyed by the children, parents and staff!  

IMG 1674IMG 1477

The weather didn’t improve from yesterday, and at times we had rain and hail on the slopes, but the children showed how much they had built up their confidence and skiing ability in such adverse weather conditions from yesterday into today! Unfortunatley due to the weather, the planned Aprés Ski has been postponed until tomorrow, so it has been swimming and watching a movie for the children. Well done everyone, I’m hearing It’s blue skies for tomorrow!

IMG 1395IMG 1293

Today The Grove faced their toughest test with poor visibility throughout the day and the rain in the afternoon turning the snow to slush, but the children persevered and conquered the extreme weather conditions!

IMG 1149IMG 1265

The children, as well as parents and staff, have had a fanstic first day on slopes. The sun was out shining on some brilliant skiing, with special mention to a couple of the children who are doing this for the first time! After our two sessions on the mountains, we had a really fun session of Bum Boarding, where the children enjoyed trying to crash in to the spectating adults! Lets hope the weather is just as good for tomorrows skiing!

IMG 1044

Bonjour! We have landed safely in Nice, and have boarded our coach to the resort. Once there, we will be collecting our ski equipment and relaxing this evening, after a long day of travelling.

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017 09:01

BISS Racing Championships 2017

On the 25th September, 7 students attended the British Independent Schools Ski Racing at Hemel Hempstead. After a long drive, we arrived, registered and got kitted up for the slopes.

The first to compete was Henry Lorenz, followed closely by Sophy Pearce, Sophie Hartley-Wiley, Alice Alder, Daniel Jemeljanenko, Zayd Kahn and Kyle Dissanayake.

Everyone had two runs to try and improve their score and there were lots of great individual performances.

Overall, it was a great day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere within the snow centre.

A Team - 6th Place

Sophy Pearce U10 Girls  17.31s  5th 
Sophie Hartley-Wiley  U10 Girls  18.82s  10th 
Henry Otto Lorenz  U12 Boys  15.72s  12th 

B Team - 15th Place

Alice Alder U10 Girls 19.65s  12th 
Kyle Dissanayake  U10 Boys  21.30s  21st 
Daniel Jemeljanenko  U12 Boys  17.98s  31st 
Zayd Khan  U12 Boys  21.79s  35th 

Miss Rawle

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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 15:18

National School Ski Race

On Saturday 3rd June the ski race squad, Mr Ellemore, Mrs Berkin and I travelled up to Manchester for the National Schools Indoor Open Championships.

We arrived in Manchester at 3pm all very excited and ready for our training session on the slope from 4pm-6pm. Getting ourselves prepared and carrying out lots of practice runs of the race course. After a very tiring 2 hours and long drive we enjoyed a very yummy supper and then headed off to bed. 

The children got themselves suited and booted and onto the slope for some pre-race training. At 10am the first run began.

All the children had 3 runs of the race course, with their fastest time putting them onto the results table. 

Once we had completed our 3 runs both teams, A and B then competed in a dual slalom race. Sadly, we got knocked out in the first round. But they all did really well and I’m so proud of all of them.

I would just like to say a very big thank you to all the parents that made it up to Manchester and for all your support. The children were great, well done to everyone that took part.

Miss Archer

DSC 0367

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Saturday, 29 April 2017 12:06

ISA National Ski Championships

On the first day of term our race squad travelled eagerly to Hemel Hempstead for the ISA Ski Championships. We arrived in time to organise our equipment and have a few practise runs down the slope. Everyone had two chances of achieving a good time on the course and the squad were confident.

There was an anxious wait at the top for everyone as they watched the other competitors complete their run. After the first set of times had come in everyone was happy with how they had done, all eight of our skiers posting a time they were happy with, Henry Otto Lorenz leading the way with 14.90 seconds.

Knowing they had good times on the board everyone knew they could be aggressive and try and better this in their last run. The course was starting to get icier, meaning it was a tad quicker but also more difficult to keep control on.

More good times were posted on the second runs and after everyone had finished we had a short wait for the results to come in. We were delighted when we were presented with 1st place for our ‘A’ team in the ‘Mixed Team’ category. Harry Dunning, Henry Otto Lorenz, Sophy Pearce and Sophie Hartley-Wiley’s times all contributed towards this fantastic achievement and they should be delighted with their efforts.

Our ‘B’ team of Daniel Jemeljanenko, Alice Alder, Jacob Foster and Zayd Khan all raced brilliantly with Daniel in particular posting a very competitive time.
All round it was a great day and all eight skiers can be proud. Everyone is excited for the next event at the National School Ski Race in Manchester on 4th June.

Mr Ellemore

A Team - 1st Place

Henry Otto Lorenz U12 14.90s 8th
Sophie Hartley-Wiley U10 17.48s 9th
Sophy Pearce U10 17.51s 10th
Harry Dunning U14 15.94s 19th

B Team - 6th Place

Alice Alder U10 20.29s 18th
Daniel Jemeljanenko U12 17.23s 31st
Jacob Foster U12 19.01s 44th
Zayd Khan U12 25.38s 50th

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Thursday, 15 December 2016 08:53

Ski Club Trip to Passo Tonale, Italy

Friday - 4:30pm: We have had a fantastic time sledging this afternoon. Some good clean racing, some not so much, but thankfully no injuries! Tomorrow will be much more of the same format with two sessions, one running in the morning and one running after lunch. Apres ski for tomorrow, the children willhave fun splashing about in the swimming pool or if they don't fancy getting wetting, will have some games/activities on offer instead.Sledging Friday Web

Friday - 3:00pm: Everyone has finished a second session for the day on the slopes. It has been a wonderfully bright and sunny day today. At 3:30 we will be heading out to the Fantaski area where we will be do a spot of sledging!Group Photo Friday Web 

Friday - 12:00pm: All the children have had their first Ski Sessions this morning, and are now heading onto to lunch. Photos will be uploaded later this afternoon

Thursday - 7:15pm: We have arrived at our hotel, and are heading to dinner. Tomorrow the groups will be begginning their first ski sessions from 9:00am.

Thursday - 3:00pm: They have arrived in Italy and are now on their way to the accommodation.Group Photo Thursday Web

Thursday - 8:00am: The children, staff and parents are on their way to Italy! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016 18:12

BISS Indoor Ski Championships, Hemel Hempstead

On Monday 26th September The Grove School Ski race team headed to Hemel Hempstead for the British Independent Schools Ski Racing Championships 2016. The team of Sophie Hartley-Wiley, Henry Otto Lorenz, Sophy Pearce, Caitlin Hendry and Alice Alder were very excited to get warmed up and were on the slope by 9am and at 9.30am carrying out a course inspection ready to race at 10am. They all got 2 runs of the course and their fasted time was recorded for the results table.

Henry went first recording an impressive run of 16.73 seconds, as our most experienced racer he got the team off to a great start. Caitlin went next followed by Sophy who both secured good times. Sophie and Alice skied last for The Grove and unfortunately both missed a gate in their first run but came off smiling and ready for their second run.

There was a short break before the second run and we discussed how we would attack the course for the second run to try and improve on our times. Henry, Sophy and Caitlin all put in great second runs but didn’t quite manage to improve on their first run times. Alice put in a huge effort on her second run and just missed one of the gates so sadly didn’t qualify a time. Sophie Hartley-Wiley had a brilliant second run managing to make all the gates and securing a impressive time in the U8 competition, so we just had to wait for the results.

After a long wait the results were in and Sophie Hartley-Wiley had come 3rd winning a Bronze medal. The other children all achieved great places in large competitions with over 30 children in most age categories. As a team we finished in 9th place out of 18 mixed teams a great achievement considering we had some of the youngest skiers on the day.

For most of our team this was their first ever competitive ski race and some children only recently joined the race squad, well done to everyone for taking part.  This was a great experience for all of us, and we look forward to taking part in the next ski race.

U8 Girls
Sophie Hartley-Wiley - 3rd - 20.16s

U10 Boys
Henry Otto Lorenz - 10th - 16.73s

U10 Girls
Sophy Pearce - 11th - 19.54s

U12 Girls
Caitlin Hendry - 23rd - 19.91s

Mixed Team - 9th 

Miss Archer

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016 12:56

ISA National Skiing Championships

On a day that could have brought snow, the Ski squad head to Hemel for the Indoor ISA Ski competition. With lots of schools attending and 183 competitors, it was going to be a tough event. We competed against schools who were a part of the ISA and schools that weren’t, so we wouldn’t know until the end of the day where we would be placed.

Hasan Manji and Henry Lorenz skied as individuals rather than part of a team and did so with good confidence considering it was their first competition. Henry had two very consistent runs, and overall came 15th in his age category, and Hasan came 27th in the U14 group.

Our team skier of Charlotte Ingram, Kyle Gomes, Vivek Rav and Georgia Millburn were next up and produced some good times, placing 3rd, 31st, 26th and 14th respectively. Not knowing what was what, it was a real surprise to find out that Charlotte had come 3rd overall in the U14 ISA category and as a team it was even more of a surprise to find out that we came 3rd overall. The smiles on the faces of the team was clear to see and I was delighted with their success. Well done to all the skiers and I am sure with more practise the squad can improve upon these places and start winning more medals in the future.

Mr Wilkinson

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Thursday, 30 April 2015 10:25

ISA National Skiing Championships

Charlotte Ingram, Vivek Rav and Georgia Millburn, headed off to Hemel Hempstead to compete in the ISA National Ski Competition. They were to ski 2 slalom runs within their ages groups, all of which the groups were a year out of age group. With their first run they eased themselves in slowly but still manage to produce some good times. Charlotte was the quickest with 18.61 seconds. The children had to wait patiently for their second run and we had chance to chat about the course and they would aim to attack the course more than before. At this point it was hard to work out what position the children were in, as there were another 156 children competing.

The second runs got going and Charlotte was 2nd up. She skied well but sadly couldn’t improve upon her time. Georgia was next and attacked the gates for the start and ended up taking 1 second off her initial time and when Vivek did the same in his run, we ended in a very pleasing manner.

The wait for the results ensued and the children once again behaved impeccably. An hour later they were in. Charlotte came in a fantastic 3rd spot for her U14 age group, gaining a bronze medal. Vivek came 25th out of 39 and Georgia came 21st out of 38. They can all be very pleased with their efforts and I am sure that with more race practise things for the school will only get better.

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