Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:52

Cedar & Birch Trip to Shakespeare's House

This term Cedar and Birch classes travelled back in time by visiting a very special home in Stratford Upon Avon: Williams Shakespeare's birthplace. As part of their Famous People topic, the children attended a varied workshop in which they experienced first hand what William's life would have been like. They created a beautifully crafted version of a horn book which Shakespeare would have used to learn Latin in school. They practised Elizabethan handwriting by using ink made with egg and used a quill to create their own names in the style of Queen Elizabeth's I signature. You could not hear a pin drop such was the level of concentration! They explored the social class divide of the era by sorting objects used by the poor and rich. Finally they all dressed up in the characters of Shakespeare's plays and fantastic looking donkeys were  galloping around the large room alongside Cleopatra and Macbeth. The children thoroughly enjoyed the first hand historical experience these activities provided.

In the afternoon a tour of Shakespeare's house took place and as our children moved from room to room a general feeling of excitement began to emerge as in the words of one of our children..." I'm walking on the same stone floor as William did!" The house has been restored to its original characteristics and it was an incredible experience to view the authenticity of some of the furniture and objects replicas. The tour naturally took us into the garden where we joined a group of actors and took part in one of the plays they were performing. It truly was an amazing experience and all of our children were part of the cast from being a ferocious lion to representing a wall! 

The day came to an end in the late part of an unusually warm afternoon with the children talking about this amazing historical trip all the way back home.

Ms Casiraghi

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On Tuesday 3rd October, Juniper travelled to London to visit the Natural History Museum. They were accompanied by Mr Pendry and Mrs Howes and had the opportunity to build on information learned in both Science and Geography.

When we arrived we took the opportunity to admire the new display in the main hall of a blue whale skeleton, which has replaced the touring diplodocus that has stood there for so long. We followed this with a visit to the human biology section where the children were able to review topics such as muscles and bones, cells, eyes and how the senses work.

The children then had the opportunity to choose their next two locations and so we went to the earthquakes and volcanoes centre, where they experienced what it was like to be in a supermarket during the Kobe earthquake. We followed this with a visit to the giant sequoia tree on the top floor. Whilst it was only a slice of the giant tree, we were all stunned by the size and age of this colossal plant!

We then enjoyed lunch before visiting the hall of mammals and finally a trip through the dinosaur exhibit, highlighted by a face to face encounter with a full size, animatronic Tyrannosaurus rex.

The children enjoyed the day out and were great ambassadors for the school.

Mr Pendry

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Upon our arrival at the Living Rainforest we were greeted by, very experienced and friendly, staff who escorted us to the glass houses. Inside, we saw a wonderful variety of animals, fishes, reptiles and birds who are native to the worlds’ rainforest areas.  The interior space was very warm and was filled with fantastic plants, trees and flowering bushes. Larch and Rowan children were so excited, their cries of delight were lovely to hear; especially when they saw toucans, monkeys, snakes, lizards and lots of other beautiful animals. Our guides were extremely knowledgeable and made our visit lively and exciting with all children engaged in their activities. The staff were very impressed with our year one’s knowledge and understanding of rainforest species and praised them on the depth of their knowledge and understanding of the rainforest and its animal and plant species! We all felt that the highlight of the day was when the sloth decided to wake up (they sleep for 18 hours per day!) and head down from their canopy to look at us watching her. The children we amazed at her hanging upside down and look at us with equal curiosity. We all had a super day, it was so interesting to see such a vast assortment of rainforest animals first-hand and to hear the children’s excited talk about their day out.

Mrs Prigmore-Wells

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Hawthorn and Poplar enjoyed their first trip of the year, to the River and Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames. Learning about our current reading book for the year group, The Wind in the Willows, they were immersed in illustrations and props from the story from the first minute we arrived. They began the day with a smidgeon of acting, pretending to be the proud (and rather loud) Toad of Toad Hall. They were then given a series of tasks to explore: Handling real Victorian artefacts that would have been present in the scenes of the book; deciding which adjectives best described the habitats of the four main characters; discussing and finding examples of the running theme of friendship, in the story and finally, dressing up! 

The children walked down to the river and looked at the habitats in which the characters would have dwelled: A meadow for Moley, ‘Cold bath stream’, for the water-vole and Mr Toad and the woodland, for Badger and the dastardly stoats and weasels. They were even introduced to the ‘Willows’ themselves and we all observed a slight wind blowing in them. After lunch, the children were treated to a small gift from the shop and looked around the exhibition area. They were most impressed by the interactive exhibits – especially the scary, wild wood!

All in all, they enjoyed a day of varied activities and learning which kept them well-engaged. Hopefully, this will have enriched their experience of the book and brought it to life, more vividly, in their imaginations.

Mrs Kenton

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Thursday, 13 July 2017 08:43

Walnut & Maple Trip to Waddesdon Manor

Walnut & Maple had a wonderful trip to Waddesdon. When we arrived we had a tour of the beautiful gardens and we were lucky enough to be the only visitors so had the whole grounds to ourselves. We had our workshop all about the life cycles of minibeasts and visited the beautiful rose gardens to smell the roses and see which bugs they attracted. We then went to see the amazing birds that live at the manor and we were enthralled by the different types. After lunch we went on an adventure in the woods and followed Alice’s path to the best bug hotel we had ever seen. We had magnifying glasses and looked in all the nooks and crannies to see who was living inside. We then got into groups and designed our own bug habitats. One group added a swimming pool to their bug home with a leaf slide to make sure their residents had lots of fun. In the afternoon we let off some steam in the adventure playground and had a great time on the slides and swings. It was then time to come home. We had a wonderful day exploring the grounds of the manor. I was incredibly proud of how well behaved the children were and said we were a credit to the school.

Mrs Collins

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017 14:35

Beech & Holly Trip to Woburn Safari

This term Beech and Holly enjoyed an adventurous trip to Woburn Safari Park. A very shy porcupine and several very hungry otters provided great entertainment and sparked much curiosity in all of our children at the start of the day. It was soon time to meet a few mini beasts in the form of a friendly cockroach, a giant African land snail who seemed a little shy and finally an enormous boa constrictor who looked strangely gentle. The  mini beast keeper was most impressed with our children as they could name the parts of an insect.

In the afternoon the children enjoyed a stroll through the Australian enclosure populated by a large colony of wallabies, who appeared very friendly and  approached us all with a few effortless hops.

It was soon time for the daily bird show provided by two colourful and graceful macaws from the rainforest, who were very intelligent and performed a 'rubbish race' by collecting small items and placing them in buckets. They were joined by a beautiful white parrot who flew on the restaurant roof and returned after the show had ended!

After a delicious ice cream break, it was time to join a train ride which took us all around the safari park and allowed us to admire beautiful zebras and giraffes.

Finally the minibus safari allowed us all to take a closer look at more wild creatures such as tigers, monkeys and lions. The most entertaining were the black bears, who made us laugh by attempting to climb trees, fall asleep and scratching their backs on the tree trunks. 

It was wonderful to see the children's faces when admiring these beautiful creatures and above all the connection they made between the classroom learning and their visit to the Safari Park.

Ms Casiraghi

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On Tuesday the 27th of June Yew & Aspen made a visit to the Chiltern Open Air Museum, near Amersham. The propose of the trip was to support the learning from this academic year, but also introduce new topics for the 2017/18 year.

We arrived in good time and were met by our Guide’ Sarah’ who talked us through the events for the day and also gave us some valuable background into how /why the museum had ended up on this site.

As a group we then went into our ‘Iron Age’ workshop which was taken by ‘Heidi’ of the Catuvellauni tribe in England.

tribe! The children then spent the next ninety minutes exploring and trialling different aspects of iron age life. This included ‘warrior face painting’, pottery, bread making and building an animal shelter.

After the group session and lunch the children and staff broke up into smaller groups to explore the other displays within the museum. The variety of equipment and information was fantastic and the children were most definitely fully engaged throughout.

We finished off the visit with a bush trail walk and the children made use of the medieval playground and got rid of some excess energy prior to the bus ride back to school. The trip was a great success, the demonstrations and displays were superb and the children represented the school extremely well.

A huge ‘Thankyou’ to Mrs Skillings, Mr McGregor and Mr Thompson who accompanied us on the trip and I know the children really enjoyed the day.

Mr Small

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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 15:20

Larch & Rowan Trip to Linford Lakes

On Tuesday 6th June, Larch and Rowan visited the Linford Lakes Nature Reserve. It was very peaceful! All around us was Cow Parsley, busy bees, vibrant flowers, still lakes and no cars, trains or loud noises. When we arrived, we were introduced to our knowledgeable tour guides. Our first activity was pond dipping. We waved nets in the water and collected lots of wiggly, floating, swimming creatures. Some of our favourite finds were a dragonfly nymph, Ramshorn snails, Lesser Water Boatman and snail eggs. Inside in the laboratory, we used microscopes and species guides to identify the insects. In the afternoon, we ventured on a bird and bug hunt. We learnt about natural and man-made habitats and were excited to discover rabbit holes and deer clearings. Up high in a tree, we saw an enormous Heron’s nest. An interesting fact was that female ducks are brown so that they are camouflaged and not seen by hungry foxes who may want duck eggs for dinner. The Year Ones greatly impressed our tour guides with their existing wealth of knowledge about plants and animals and made us feel very proud! What an exciting day being nature explorers!

Miss McCall

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The art scholars group had an exceptionally good trip to the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow. After a smooth train & underground journey as we approached the gallery  the children saw William Morris quotes & a large picture of him painted onto the end of terrace houses. The gallery volunteers gave a really engaging introduction to William Morris ` the man` & as a designer in the Victorian `Arts & Crafts` movement, factory owner and reformer, showing lots of items from the gallery and the children were enthralled, one of the favourite items was the child sized medieval knights helmet & broadsword which William Morris` parents had made so he could ride around the grounds playing at being a knight! The way the patterns worked in the Morris & Co designs was clearly explained & demonstrated with the actual wood print blocks that were used and some very good research sketches were made. The print workshop that followed, delivered by Anna Alcock an established professional print artist, was outstanding. A mixture of plasticized foam shape blocks & traditional lino were used with very high quality tooling & printing press, the subtleties of multi-layer overlapping colour printing were seen in Anna`s own demonstration pieces & then very successfully carried through in the children's own print work onto cotton bags which each took home. The children then had a calm trip back to school, even getting seats on the train!

 Mr Slater

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Hawthorn & Poplar went to both the Coventry Transport Museum & the Herbert Gallery. There was an excellent workshop at the transport museum about Victorian cycles including the `Bone Shaker!`, the famous Penny Farthing- with its own distinctive common  head injury  the `Crown Imperial`! as well as a tricycle( more `becoming` for a Victorian ladies modesty! before the emergence of the more modern diamond framed Safety cycle. The children were very engaged asking questions & responding to the questioning the workshop leader posed. After a short spell looking at various vehicles we wen t across central Coventry to the Herbert Gallery & took part in an a very good whistle stop tour of some sculptures and how they were made followed by a head sculpting exercise, with assorted heads brought back to school (all children had their own head!), an exciting & worthwhile day was had by all.

Mr Slater

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