Monday, 30 January 2017 10:20

The Grove U8 Netball vs Swanbourne House

In their first match of the season The Grove Under 8 Girls displayed fantastic commitment and enthusiasm  during their match at Swanbourne.  Although the girls narrowly lost the first game 1:0 and the second game 3:0, it was a fiercely contested match with several superb interceptions.. Determined performances were recorded from the defenders,  as well as consistent performances from Arianna Vicelli-Fitch  playing Centre and Alexa O’Kane in Wing Attack.

Well done to all the girls who played in these exciting matches.

Mrs Paris

The Grove: 0
Swanbourne House: 1

The Grove: 0
Swanbourne House: 3

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IMG 8478Under 8

The Grove's second fixture of the year was played against Swanbourne House. The boys played two games for both the 'A' and 'B' teams over the course of the afternoon and all worked extremely hard to come away with the results that they wanted.

Since the football season started, the boys have only had a short amount of time in which to practice and get to grips with their game. The 'A' team found the first match very tough, as they came up against opposition had had a lot more preparation time on more frequent occasions. Unfortunately, the game finished with Swanbourne House coming away with a 5-0 win after playing some very good football.

Due to the result, the boys had lost some of their confidence and were not happy with the way they had played. There was a 5/10-minute interval before they played their second match, this gave them time to reflect on their performance and prepare mentally and physically. It is never easy for anyone to pick themselves up after a heavy defeat, however, the boys did that brilliantly and rightfully won their next match 5-0.

The team is constantly learning from their performances in both training and fixtures which can only result in more confidence and better performances. Thank you for everyone who came to support the boys for the afternoon, we now look forward to our next fixture away at Ashfold School.

Mr Thompson

Match 1
The Grove 'A': 0
Swanbourne House 'A': 5
Man of the Match: Kanye Nwuga

Match 2
The Grove 'A': 5
Swanbourne House 'A': 0
Man of the Match: Keith Adeleye

IMG 8473Our five boys making up our B team had two small matches against Swanbourne in very wintry conditions. Our first match started very tentatively with neither side keeping possession of the ball. As the game went on both sides attacked more and some super saves from goalkeeper Joseph Imonioro kept the score level. Sadly, our solid defence was unlocked with a superb goal, a shot from the edge of the box flew into the top corner late in the game, and we were unfortunate to lose 1-0.

In our second match we knew we needed to be calmer in possession of the ball and work our way forwards up the pitch to create chances of our own. It was great to see this almost straight away as Gautham Parthiban opened the scoring from close range much to everyone’s delight! Soon after, Ronak Cheema doubled our lead with a neat finish. The full time whistle blew and we were 2-0 victors, the improvement from the first game to the second was fantastic to see!

Mr Ellemore

Match 1
The Grove 'B': 0
Swanbourne House 'B': 1
Man of the Match: Joseph Imonioro

Match 2
The Grove 'B': 2
G. Parthiban, R. Cheema
Swanbourne House 'B': 0
Man of the Match: Gautham Parthiban

DSC 0007Under 9

Due the cold and wintery nature of the pitches at Tear drop lakes our U9 matches against Swanbourne House were transferred to the Newton Longville ‘Astro’ pitches.

We played the same format as the Beachborough fixture with four, 10 minute quarters meaning a tiring day for our boys. In our first two quarters The Grove faced Swanbourne 'A' and competed well in patches. We were unable to make any strong attacks, and had it not been for superb keeping from Wilfred Clark we may have been down by more than 2-0 at half-time. The second half started far brighter for The Grove with two shots on goal, from Finlay Hovell and Kwaku Malanda, deflected wide. Swanbourne 'A' scored a fortuitous goal late in the match and the final score finished 3-0 to Swanbourne. 

The second match against Swanbourne 'B' was a far more even affair. The Grove had several shots on goal and Swanbourne 'B' failed to score for the first half. Just after half time Swanbourne scored two quick goals and left The Grove chasing the game. Gbolohan Asade and Alexander Chan toiled away with Kiaan Fesharakf putting himself between the ball and the goal on several occasions. The boys worked well together as a team and continue to show genuine improvement.

A special thanks to all the parents who came out to support the team in the second match of the new season.

Mr Small

The Grove: 0
Swanbourne House 'A': 3
Man of the Match: Wilfred Clark

The Grove: 0
Swanbourne House 'B': 2
Man of the Match: Findlay Hovell

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DSC 0027Under 9

The first match of the 2017 Football season was against Beachborough. The team had only had a couple of sessions to prepare and certain positions were still up for grabs.

We played both the A and B teams at Beachborough, and it saw The Grove boys play four, ten minute quarters. The first match against Beachborough A’s was a demanding one. Alexander Chan and Stellan Chinnappa defended well, with Findlay Hovell and Wilfred Clark trying hard to get an attack going. The match finished 6-0 to Beachborough, however the team never gave up and genuine improvement was noted in the last few minutes of the second quarter.

The next game against Beachborough B’s was a completely different affair. The Grove made several good attacks on goal and the passing and tackling was great, particularly from Leon Gunasekara and Kwaku Malanda.  The match stayed 0-0 at half-time. The Grove continued to attack well in the second half, with Gbolahan Asade and George Skillings covering a lot of ground. The Grove did however concede a late goal to eventually lose 1-0.

The boys tried their best and represented the school extremely well on the day.

A special Thanks to all the parents who came out to support the team in the first match of the new season.

Mr Small

The Grove: 0
Beachborough School 'A': 6
Man of the Match: Wilfred Clark

The Grove: 0
Beachborough School 'B': 1
Man of the Match: Leon Gunasekara


Under 8

The under 8's first football fixture of the season was played away against Beachborough School. Only a couple of training sessions had taken place leading up to the fixture, therefore preparation time was minimal. Beachborough had a larger number of players on the day and therefore it was decided that they would field an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ team to face The Grove.

The afternoon started with The Grove coming up against a strong and experienced Beachborough ‘A’ team and was a very evenly matched contest. However, Keith Adeleye got The Grove off to a flying start with a fantastic right footed strike from the edge of the oppositions goal. Due to a well fought team performance and some brilliant saves from Gustav Johann Lorenz, it proved to be the deciding factor in a well-deserved 1-0 victory.

The second match of the afternoon saw The Grove face Beachborough Schools ‘B’ team. Due to the outcome of the previous match, confidence was high and the team were raring to go.

After another fantastic solid team performance and multiple goals from Keith Adeleye and Kanye Nwuga saw The Grove once again showed their drive and ambition to win by coming away with a 5-0 win and another clean sheet.

It was not just goals that resulted in the fantastic performances from The Grove, every player present had a valuable part to play whether it be defence or attack and did so brilliantly.

Finally, thank you to the friends and family that made the journey to Beachborough to support the team, it is always appreciated by the coaches and children alike. We eagerly look forward to our next fixture and hope that the boys can continue exactly where they left off.

Mr Thompson

The Grove: 1
K. Adeleye
Beachborough School 'A': 0
Man of the Match: Gustav Johann Lorenz

The Grove: 5
K. Adeleye (3), K. Nwuga (2)
Beachrobough School 'B': 0
Man of the Match: Keith Adeleye

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Thursday, 12 January 2017 10:03

The Grove Colts Football vs Akeley Wood School

The Grove Colts vs Akeley Wood School 'A'

With much anticipation the boys’ headed to Akeley Wood for our first football fixture of the season, we were due to play both Akeley’s ‘A’ and ‘B’ teams and despite little time for practise we were eager to impress.

The boys’ preparation and warm up couldn’t have been better and the starting team took the field. The game started in manic fashion with neither team getting hold of the ball and strong tackles were flying in. We were unfortunate to concede early and despite some good attacking play we were unable to equalise, and to rub salt into the wounds Akeley Wood scored a further two before half time, taking a 3-0 lead into half time.

The second half followed a similar pattern, spells of good play from Akeley Wood and lapses of concentration from The Grove allowed Akeley to finish as 6-0 winners, this score line was a tad harsh on The Grove who did impress in spells.

The Grove: 0
Akeley Wood A: 6
Man of the Match: Z. Khan

IMG 8196The Grove Colts vs Akeley Wood School 'B'

We had a great chance to bounce back from our defeat straight away and the boys knew a little more concentration at the back and some quicker play going forward would see an improved result.

Sadly, a poor first five minutes really put us on the back foot, finding ourselves 3-0 down. Once we had woken up and recovered from this early setback we played well and dominated the rest of the game.

Two superb finishes, one from Ayo and one from Damilola meant we weren’t going home scoreless but a good goal from Akeley Wood between them meant we were still 4-2 down, and after a late penalty miss from ourselves this is how it stayed.

If we perform as we did in the second half throughout the rest of the season our score lines will be much happier to read, but overall the boys impressed on and off the pitch in their first outing of the season.

The Grove: 2
A. Adewumi, D. Omotosho
Akeley Wood B: 4
Man of the Match: D. Omotosho

Mr Ellemore 

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 08:46

The Grove Colts Rugby vs Pitsford School

The final match of the rugby season saw the Colts head across Northamptonshire to visit Pitsford school.

We arrived in good time and Harry Dunning and Alexander Lee did a great job running the Warm-up and The Grove looked well focused.

The first half started well with both schools scoring excellent individual and team tries and it was the Grove who lead at half-time 4-3.

The second half began strongly for Pitsford and they scored three unanswered tries. However, Elijah Martey, Henry Lorenz and Isaac Henshaw are contributed with some excellent individual skill to ensure tries could be scored.

Unfortunately, with the game tied at 7 all, Pitsford scored a runaway try in the last few seconds to grab the win.

The match was a definite step up in both effort and intensity and the boys played well as a team.

The most pleasing aspect was the conduct of the team before and after the match. They were a real credit to themselves and the school. Well done lads.

Mr Small

The Grove: 35
Pitsford School: 40
Man of the Match: The Grove

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 08:44

The Grove U8 Tag Rugby vs Beachborough School

The Grove's final match of the 2016 season was played against Beachborough School. Having only lost 2 fixtures all season the boys went into the match with high spirits looking to end the season on a positive note. We headed over to the playing field slightly earlier than usual in order to be in the right mind set and prepare both mentally and physically for what proved to be one of our toughest games of the season.

When Beachborough arrived the boys conducted themselves in a professional manor by gracefully greeting their opponents in preparation for the game ahead. After a team discussion and a positive input from everyone the teams headed out on to the field to begin the match.

Following usual proceedings, two halves of 15 minutes were played, Beachborough proved to be a very strong team and started the game extremely well putting the boys on the back foot instantly. Instead of letting this get the better of them, they were able to regroup mentally amongst themselves and impressively fight their way back into the game.

The standard of rugby displayed by both teams was of an impressively high standard and although the match resulted in a tie, they should all be extremely proud of what they had accomplished.

Finally, the full time whistle spelled the end of the tag rugby season for 2016, overall, the boys overall improvement and teamwork especially has been phenomenal and I am positive that this will continue to grow.

For the last time, as per usual, everyone involved especially parents played a big role in the team’s success and is greatly appreciated by all.

Mr Thompson

The Grove: 6
Beachborough School: 6

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016 08:43

The Grove U8 & U9 Hockey vs Ashfold School

The Under 8 and Under 9 girls went away to Ashfold for their last fixture of the season.

The Under 8 girls started very nervously, and a lot of the play was in their half, Ashfold were putting a lot of pressure onto The Grove. Even though our defensive skills were amazing we conceded some goals in the first half. This did not make the girls feel downhearted though and we went into the second half with lots of determination. After talking to them at half time, we mentioned attacking the ball a lot more when we had possession. The girls listened to this advice and really attacked well. A lot more of the second half play was in the oppositions half, and we were so close to scoring many times. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their match though against an incredibly friendly opposition.

The Under 9 girls played with as much determination as the Under 8s and enjoyed their match just as much. Although the girls narrowly lost the match, it was fiercely contested by the girls.

Well Done Girls on an excellent end to the season.

Mrs Paris

The Grove: 0
Ashfold School: 3

The Grove: 0
Ashfold School: 1

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Saturday, 26 November 2016 10:16

The Grove U9 Rugby vs Quinton House School

With the rugby season in full swing we hosted Quinton House full of confidence. With conditions almost perfect for rugby the match began.

We began well and an early try for Findlay Hovell got us in front. From that moment on the game was end to end; however, in previous matches we have played, end to end has meant try after try. This wasn’t the case as both Grove and Quinton defences remained strong.

Three more tries for the rampant Findlay Hovell and superb solo runs from Gbolohan Asade and Kwaku Malanda put us in a good position but with Quinton scoring tries of their own the game was a tight one. With The Grove trailing by one try with a minute to go we pushed Quinton House back and back closer to their try line but sadly couldn’t find the equalising try that we so deserved.

Overall the match was a joy to watch and referee as both teams put their all into it, and I hope this continues for the remainder of the season.

Mr Ellemore

The Grove: 30
F. Hovell (4), G Asade, K Malanda
Quinton House School: 35

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We arrived on a very cold afternoon very excited and ready for the last match of the season. The girls were in high spirits.

The ‘A’ team played first. Our great defensive skills, really kept this strong team from scoring. We also managed to get the ball into their half, and mid way through the first half we scored. Our lead was short lived, we soon conceded a goal, but we kept strong.

We were also strong during the second half, and really defended well. The final score was 1-1. For a very strong Ashfold team, we played very well.

The ‘B’ team girls enjoyed a competitive match, with lots of shots at goal from both teams. Whilst the girls were defeated, they showed lots of determination and enthusiasm in the game.

Well Done Girls

Mrs Paris

The Grove 'A': 1
Ashfold School 'A' :1

The Grove 'B': 0
Ashfold School 'B': 4

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Saturday, 26 November 2016 10:14

The Grove U8 Tag Rugby vs Ashfold School

The Grove's penultimate match of the 2016 season was played against Ashfold School. Prior to this, the last scheduled fixture was 4 weeks ago, suggesting that the boys might be a bit rusty and lack determination. This however was not the case. As per usual, one of the key elements that has led to the boy’s previous success this year has been their teamwork and effort.

Two half of 15 minutes were played, with both teams giving there all in order to succeed. The boys displayed some of the best rugby they had displayed all season and should all be very proud of themselves. At the full time whistle the game resulted in an extremely close score line (12-11), which in itself indicates that although they had to deal with some very well played rugby by Ashfold, they kept going and deservedly came away with the result that they wanted.

Once again, I would like to say a massive thank you for the support we received from parents, it is always greatly appreciated. We have one more game left of the season in which I am sure the boys will be able to replicate their performance just as they have been the whole season.

Mr Thompson

The Grove: 12
Ashfold School: 11

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