Tuesday, 18 July 2023 08:48

Friday, our last day!

This morning the children have packed their bags before heading to breakfast. Each group have two activities before lunch. After lunch we will start to load the coaches and prepare for our return journey. Any photos not uploaded before we leave will be uploaded on Saturday.We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Thursday 20
th July

Morning Activities:

Group 1 Climbing and Buggy Building
Group 2 Buggy Building and Climbing
Group 3 Climbing and Buggy Building
Group 4 Buggy Building and Climbing
Group 5 Sensory Trail and Jacobs Ladder
Group 6 Jacobs Ladder and Sensory Trail
Group 7 Sensory Trail and Raft Building

Afternoon Activities

Group 1 Sensory Trail and Survivor
Group 2 Survivor and Sensory Trail
Group 3 Sensory Trail and Jacobs Ladder
Group 4 Jacobs Ladder and Sensory Trail
Group 5 Climbing and Buggy Building
Group 6 Buggy Building and Climbing
Group 7 Jacobs Ladder and Problem Solving 

Wednesday 19th July

Another fantastic day of activities with perfect Travel Week weather! Please visit the gallery for more photos. https://groveschool.piwigo.com

Morning Activities

Group 1 Fencing and Abseiling
Group 2 Abseiling and Fencing
Group 3 Abseiling and Survivor
Group 4 Survivor and Abseiling 
Group 5 Fencing and Raft Building
Group 6 Raft Building and Fencing
Group 7 Survivor and Trapeze

Afternoon Activities

Group 1 Jacobs Ladder and Archery
Group 2 Archery and Jacobs Ladder
Group 3 Fencing and Aeroball
Group 4 Aeroball and Fencing
Group 5 Trapeze and Problem Solving
Group 6 Problem Solving and Trapeze
Group 7 Fencing and Abseiling

Tuesday 18th July

Yesterday we had a great first afternoon at the centre learning songs by the campfire before heading off to bed. We woke up extra early this morning for a rather loud game of football outside on the grass before our breakfast. The children are heading out for their morning activities soon and we are about to take the group photos which we will upload to the gallery website.

Morning Activities:

Group 1 Zip wire and Micro Scooters.
Group 2 Micro Scooters and Zip Aire.
Group 3 Raft Building and Archery.
Group 4 Archery and Raft Building.
Group 5 Zip Wire and Orienteering.
Group 6 Orienteering and Zip Wire.
Group 7 Aeroball and Archery.

Afternoon Activities:

Group 1 Aeroball and Raft Building
Group 2 Raft Building and Aeroball
Group 3 Zip Wire and Micro Scooters
Group 4 Micro Scooters and Zip Wire
Group 5 Zip Wire and Orienteering
Group 6 Orienteering and Zip Wire
Group 7 Aeroball and Archery

We have had a fantastic day full of enjoyable activities. We ended our day with a fun swimming session in the centre pool!

Photos: During Travel Week we aim to upload as many photos as possible, a selection of photos will be uploaded here, the rest will be uploaded to our gallery website. If you require help accessing the photos please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we will also upload occasional photos to our social platforms. The group photos will be taken on Tuesday morning before our activities.
Here are a few photos, for more photos please visit our gallery. The Piwigo App is a great way to keep up to date with photos.

Paradise Wildlife Park Yew and Aspen

Year 6 visit Warwick Castle

Year 4 Trip River and Rowing Museum

Year 1 trip to Shuttleworth

Foundation Blenheim Palace June 2023

Achievement May 2023

Lunchtime Concert May 2023

Birch Class Assembly Summer 2023

Year 2 Visit Chester House Estate

Easter Church Service 2023

Lunchtime Concert 30th March 2023

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