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LVAC Lunchtime Concert - October

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IMG 4826This thoroughly enjoyable concert got off to an excellent start; Harini Sivavakeesar played the evocative piece by W. Gillock called ‘Holiday in Paris’. Straight away we were transported to the streets of Paris. Harinin’s musical performance brought out all the colours, with pauses, dramatic tension and accents that made the music come to life. What a delight!

Victoria Diniz played her piano piece for us too. ‘The Mouse’ was actually in the room…! We could hear it tiptoeing so quietly. Well done. Anvi Mulik brought us a ‘Rocking Horse’ to ride. I loved this because it was very gentle, almost like a lullaby, just what we all needed at the end of a busy half term. Eleanor Tichivangana played ‘Old MacDonald’ with great character. It was beautifully in time and so lively and confident that we could have easily sung along.

The Speech and Drama moments were excellent too. Autumn Pim was very persuasive when sharing her thoughts ‘Pets’. I don’t know how your parents have managed to keep your household free of them up to now! Autumn’s words were so clear and she brought her audience in to every moment, using her eyes and facial expressions brilliantly.

Lacey Weatherley’s performance was very funny and very cheeky; she definately persuaded us all that she had ‘Tried to do (her) my homework’. Lola Grant’s poem ‘There Isn’t Time’ was so clear and she performed it with lots of expression too.

Erioluwa Ojemuyiwa’s presentation really helped us to understand why she loves reading the Sherlock Holmes Solve-it–Yourself Mysteries. She gave us lots of detailed description in a confident performance. Frederick Lancaster’s ‘The Golf Lesson’ was fantastic, he was managed to make us believe that he actually had a golf club in his hands, I loved the space he gave to each part of his talk, we were all able to join in and understand everything he said because of this.

Quite a few of the children in this concert hadn’t performed before; Oliver Surley being one of them. You wouldn’t have known it; he confidently played his saxophone piece ‘Jazz music for Beetles’ with a great sound and sense of purpose. It was a wonderful finish to another wonderful concert.

Well done everyone, you can be very proud of yourselves. Keep practising.

Mrs Hodges

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