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LVAC Lunchtime Concert - November

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DSC 4643Avanthii Nadeshwaren started the concert off with her beautifully rhythmical version of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ which she played with great concentration on the piano. Alexander Briscoe played ‘Bells of Great Britain’ giving time to each bell as we listened to them ring out from the piano. Victoria Diniz Fernandez-Lomana's piano piece ‘Lightly Row’ had a lovely pulse and she put in a wonderful crescendo towards the end, brilliant!

Chiemenem Iwuagwu’s piano piece ‘Whirling Leaves’ was so gorgeous. Her pedal work made it sound very atmospheric as she listened carefully to the simple repeated rhythms of her left hand and the ringing patterns in her right. Kiaan Fesharaki’s clever touch brought out the light character of his piece ‘Waltz’ by Kabalevsky with some excellent staccato playing that was delicate too; very tricky to do. We wanted more!

Dimitri Korontzis was so proud to play ‘Star Wars’ on the piano for us. I know he has been desperate to perform this famous piece for a while now; it went very well! What was good was the poem ‘Star Trip’ came just before setting the scene perfectly. Chikamso Iwuagwu was so expressive when performing this that I wanted to join her on the journey to a planet not very far away.....!

Emma Bird and Eleanor Tichivangana should have performed their poem ‘Our Club’ for the Strictly Come Dancing judges there was so much ‘arm-ography’ going on. They would have scored 10, 10,10,10 and Amogh Mathur certainly made me feel ‘glad to be alive’ as he recited ‘Gran’s XI’, a poem I’ve not heard before. It was very funny! 

Daniel Nunez and Kyle Dissanayake did so well with their conversational piece ‘Goal’ by Ellen Weeks. They kept the drama of their situation going brilliantly and had us really believing that horrid Mr Mortimer’s dog was actually going to come and get them! 

DSC 4692Isabella McCall was unusually the only vocalist today. Her beautiful voice filled the hall and we were treated to a ‘Ride on a Rainbow’ to remember for a long time to come.

All the performers can be very proud of their lovely sense of pride in their work and their wonderful listening skills as they politely enjoyed their friend’s performances. Everyone took care to bow for their audience and being ready when it was their turn was a noticeable feature of this delightful concert. Pupils who take part in these lunchtime concerts work very hard on their chosen pieces and understand what it is like to take the stage, so they are very respectful of others as they do the same. 

Well done everyone, I can’t wait for our next concert on December 12th
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