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Lunchtime Concert - January

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What a great little concert this was. Everybody performed with such confidence and skill.

Harini Sivavakeesar began our concert with a fantastic piece called ‘The Reef’ by W.Carroll. With her great attention to detail, loud fortissimo chords, pedal control and dramatic interpretation, she impressed us all.

Ife Adekanmbi’s cello piece was ‘Runaway Train’. It was full of dramatic effects and had a very exciting finish. She played with control and strength.

Emma Bird’s piano piece had lots of fast notes and sometimes it sounded like it was scurrying about. Can you guess which animal it was depicting? Yes, a mouse, but a ‘haunted’ one.

Elise Craig was able to bring some lovely ‘articulation’ to her performance of  ‘Train Ride’ and her left hand was very speedy. Avanthii Nadeshwaren had lots of fun playing a piece about bells ding-donging away in a ‘Cathedral’ steeple. They rang very prettily in both hands and she was reading her music very carefully too.

Autumn Pim’s ‘Gypsy Band’ was full of drama. It was in a fabulous minor key with lots of chords, which made me wonder what story the music was telling. Grace Sun’s piece ‘Agincourt Son’ was also very evocative; it sent us right back into the courts of a medieval king- I could just imagine all the knights in shining armour. 

Speech and drama pupils showed they were equal to the expressiveness of the music students. Jude Cronin-Webb and Taran Mehat performed a charming duet called ‘Story Time’. Their voices were so clear that even with Jude’s cold we heard every word. Eri  Ojemuyiwa’s story of a swimming teacher called ’Mr Porter’ was very amusing. She has a great way of bringing her audience into her performance.

Alexander Briscoe performed a wonderful poem all about ‘Chips’, it made us feel very hungry with its vivid description of all things chippy. Talking of food; Minnah Elakama told us all about the ‘Veggy Lion’ who found carrots so much easier to kill than his fellow animals, and far less gory! Well done Minnah, you really enjoyed performing this and we enjoyed listening.

Isabella McCall had us enthralled with her reading (although she knew it all off by heart anyway) of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ that included a brilliant American accent and lots of fabulous characterisation.
Well done all!

Sorry I couldn’t mention everyone. You were all amazing!
Mrs Hodges
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